Interesting 1970s curio

This film is pretty interesting in that it's about a black policeman who feels frustrated about his life, feeling that it's going nowhere, and also frustrated with having to deal with racism on top of that, too. He has a family, but it seems like he barely sees or interacts with them, and he has an affair on the side, but even that dosen't help him deal with whatever issues he's got going on. Basically, he gets mad and takes his anger out on some of the criminals he deals with, instead of trying to get some therapy and deal with his anger in a more constructive way. There's also some surreal dreams he has in the film, such as him dreaming he's the first black man on the moon, and a cool dance sequence he dances in.

This was the first of actor-turned-director Christopher St. John's only two directorial efforts---he did a documentary around 1980, but that was about it. He claimed that his film was ignored for distribution, because it wasn't the typical blaxsploitation film at the time, with sex, drugs and action scenes. and was something unique and different to see. It's available on DVD, too. St. John had a very brief acting career---he's best known as the militant with an Afro in the original SHAFT movie. h