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I do see it very clearly, so stop trying to act so damn superior. You sounded like a magahead, so how the hell was I supposed to know you couldn't stand him? You should have made yourself more clear that you weren't one, instead of trying to tell me I'm dumb because you didn't. And stop trying to claim that all politicians are like him----that's a damn lie, and a bunch of BS, and just a damn lazy-a** excuse a lot of magaheads use to justify supporting him and his bull****, even though he dosen't give a fck about them and will never help them with a damn thing. Politicians begging for money is how they're always gotten their campaigns going, so what's your point? That's nothing new. The thing about the orange-faced punk is that he keeps putting on this front like he's a billionaire, yet he's been coming up with all these side schemes begging his cult followers for money. If he's so damn rich, why can't he fund his own campaign? Because he's not----he's four billion dollars in the hole, and has been broke as hell for the past several years. He's even more broke now since his Truth Social company lost 328 million dollars as of this week. Basically anybody who was conned into investing into his company has lost anything they put into it. His company had always lost way the hell more money that it ever made, which makes one wonder how he kept it going in the first place. "Pedo joe"----you magahead nutcases just love carelessly throwing that phrase around about anyone you don't like, despite the fact that nobody has ever called Biden that but you fckg numskulls. If you call someone a pedo, you better have some damn facts to back up that claim---which you know good and damn well you don't, so just stfu already. and stop making up bull**** reason to bash Biden only because you like the orange-faced fake-a** criminal con man with 91 felonies against his criminal a** better. Funny how you forget that your cult leader trump loved to just bust into young women's dressing rooms while they were undressing--some of them were minors at the time, and have gone on record as saying that he actually did that s*** a lot when he was running some beauty contest, just because he thought he had a right to. He's an old fckg creep who's never had any respect for women at all, not even the ones he was married to. In fact, Biden's been married to Dr. Jill longer than the orange menace was married to any of his wives, all of whom he cheated on, including his current one---who hasn't been to any of his rallies or shown up at all in court for his latest trial---how interesting. Oh, and funny how you forget that at least 10 to 15 women have said that he sexually harassed them, and at least three of them have said that he assaulted them, or tried to. There are no Muslims trying to take over a damn thing in the U.S.. Oh, by the way, Muslim Americans have been a part of the U.S. since the late nineteenth century---so they are as American as apple pie and hot dogs, which they eat as much as you do. And so what if LBGTQ people have one damn parade for themselves once a damn year? How the hell is that hurting you or anybody else that you know? Nobody is making you go to one, so why the hell does that even fckg matter to you? You need to get a life and worry about your own damn problems, instead of whining and bitching about people who are not even bothering your close-minded, narrow-minded a**. Live and let live, and stop wasting time whining about people who aren't even bothering your silly, whiny a**. Get the fck over yourself----this country is big enough for you and even people you don't like to live in. Everything you just spewed is typical right-wing talking point bull****. Drag shows are not a damn threat to anybody, they're just entertainment----as usual, it's just a bunch of right-wingers making a big damn deal out of things that weren't even issues at all until they made a big damn deal out of it. There are no drag queens attempting to groom children, or whatever crazy shit you magahead nutcases made up about them---that's some s*** you crazy right-wing magaheads made up. You need to ask yourself why the hell are you right-wingers so scared and threatened by anybody who dosen't look and think exactly like you? It just goes to show how damn intolerant you are and how you think only the way you live and believe should be shoved down everybody's throats. There are no drag queens and Muslims hurting anybody in the U.S.----that's just some scaremongering tactics republicans have been using in the last couple of years just to rile up people enough to get votes. How fucking pathetic that is. These crazy magaheads have their heads so far up trump's behind, they can't see the reality of what he really is---a damn con man---and they don't want to. Most of them haven't taken their meds, that's why it so easy for them to fall for his bull****, despite the fact that he dosen't give a damn about any of them. That's another reality that can't accept either. They watch too much damn fox news---all fox news does is kiss the orange idiot's a** and push his damn lies for ratings. Kinda hard to ignore trump when his attention media whore a** is literally on TV 24 hours, seven days a week. Call up your local station and tell them to quit running stories about his every little damn unimportant move. You need to grow the hell up, and stop acting like trump is not a deranged fckg nutcase who shouldn't be anywhere near any position in office ever again. trump himself is nothing but a damn criminal, and should be treated like one. That's some bull**** and you know it. Stop trying to justify what a piece of worthless s*** the orange idiot is, only because you like him. No, Biden and whatever "others" your talking about are nowhere near the same as trump--so move the fck on with that bull****. And there is no such fckg thing as "trump derangement syndrome"---that is just some completely fake-a**, self-serving bull**** excuse you magaheads made up in order to justify why you buy into trump's bull****. That's the reality you magaheads can't face. He's nothing but a fake-a** con man and a grifter playing you all for a bunch of suckers, but you buy into his bull**** so hard, that's why it's easy for him to fool your gullible a*****. No wonder it's so easy for him to hit you up for money all the damn time. Biden is clearly way more real, and takes his faith more seriously than the orange idiot, whose god is money, period. Apparently, trump's dumb a** never listened when someone told him that when he died, he damn sure couldn't take any of his money with him. Yet he worships money more than anything else. Biden has made it clear he's not supporting any damn genocide. He's already cut off a certain amount of arms to Israel because they couldn't justify why they were bombing certain areas in where civilians were in Gaza, with no proof that they were bombing any spots with Hamas. There is no proof he's demented in any damn way---you magahead blowhards have been saying that bull**** since he's been in office, with no proof, of course. His SOTU speech proved that there isn't a damn thing wrong with him. None of those claims of corruption the repubs kept trying to stick on him ever stuck, because they never had any actual evidence to prove any of their bull*** claims about that. The "showering with your children" thing has not been proven to have any basis in fact at all. You damn screwed-up brain-dead magaheads just can't stand the fact that Biden is nowhere near as fckd-up as your crazy psycho cult leader trump the dump Meanwhile, trump kept rambling on and on the other day at a rally about Hannibal Lecter as if he were a real person, then at another rally this week he was rambling on and on, when he suddenly stopped, and stared for for five full minutes, before he finally seemed to remember where the hell he was, and started rambling on and on again. You can find that on youtube. Funny how when the orange dumba** has a senior moment, and he's had a number of them, either his cult followers, like you, or fox news always tried to spin it as something else----anything but what it really is---trump's getting old and starting to lose his faculties, which have been going downhill for years now, but of course the repubs and crazy magaheads won't admit that, because they're too damn deep into the crazy-a** trump cult to even admit it. Honestly, it's crazy how, no matter how fckd-up your scummy-a** con man cult leader trump the fckg dump is, some of you twisted af fckg magaheads love to fixate on that one sentence leaked from Biden's daughter's diary, which was stolen from her by her devious roommates, and which they tried to sell to some right-wing scam artists for money. That particular sentence has never been confirmed by anyone, not even his daughter, and might have been taken completely out of context, but you magaheads can't shut the fck up about it. The fact that you still fixate on it shows how fckg screwed-up you are. You're just pissed off that you can't find anything messed up about Biden, so you spew that one little sentence around. How fckg pathetic. Yet you have no problem kissing the a** of someone like the orange creep, who actually said that if Ivanka wasn't his daughter, he'd date her. If that isn't fckd-up, I don't know what is. Bottom line----stop obsessing over s*** you can't prove when it comes to that one sentence. Nobo0dy has ever confirmed whether that actually happened or not, so get the hell off of it. Your cult leader trump has done way more scummy-a** bull****. What "policies"? The only "policies" trump passed was a big tax cut for rich people, that stupid racist Muslim ban that screwed up everything at the border, because no one had been taught how to actually implement it. He didn't do s*** for the middle class or regular working people when he was in office, and he damn sure won't do anything for them now---let's be real about that. The economy was already good when he came into office due to Obama's hard work and efforts over the previous decade. trump has never understood how the economy works, and still dosen't. So whatever benefits you had from the economy were due to Obama, not a single damn thing trump's dumb a** ever did. trump's complete and total ignorance about the economy is what jacked up the national deflicit again. The current inflation we have stems from the world being forced to shut down during Covid---no president has any control over inflation---that's determined by the companies and corporations. Biden is not the cause of this current inflation, so stop blaming him for that. Oh, wow---let's be real now. You magaheads just automatically hate anybody who dosen't bow down and kiss trump's a**, or even merely criticizes anything about him. That's how damn deranged you magaheads are---you only hate Cheney because she warned her fellow republicans not to support trump's crazy deranged psycho a**. Apparently, that's a fckg crime to you damn deranged trumpers---to insult your con man cult leader with the fake-a** orange face. That's some fckg insane cult behavior s*** right there. 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