After reading all the posts and watching this film a few more times, it never dawned on me until now that the word "jealous" describes Diane Keaton's roll so well. Take a good look at her expression in the church when Carla says "yes" to Daniel's proposal, it says it all. Such a beautiful moment in her daughter's life should be embrased with joy yet Keaton acts like someone threw dirt in her face and it is clearly realized that no matter what new joys and progresses Carla has in her future, they will never be recognized by her mother seriously. Keaton putting herself first as always displayed this brushing off enough times during the film and I was happy to see Carla eventually stand up for her feelings to her on the golf course though I don't think it did, or ever would do any good. It would have left an empty space if Keaton did not show up at the end of the wedding, but I was happy to dismiss her and move on to enjoy the wedding present Daniel gave to his new bride.

Isn't that a sweet little song when Daniel and Carla are spending time together just before Thanksgiving. I thought the film was well put together. The disaster party was necessary to the story but I tend to skip by it to keep that feel good feeling flow. Lewis and Ribisi's acting was very impressive. Over the years I got the word that this movie wasn't very good but finally running across a copy recently I'm very pleased I gave it a chance.