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Bobby and Lindsay don’t seem like they’re even married

Everyone’s returning to the office during Bobby’s trial for murder, and Lindsay is walking fifteen feet ahead of him like he’s nobody. She’s not mad. She routinely treats him that way. Unless they want a tender scene, then they suddenly remember they’re supposed to act as if they care about each other.

Bad acting? Bad directing? Bad writing? All three?


Season 7, and Lindsay finally sees what anyone could see all along.

But in typical fashion, Bobby sits two arms' lengths away and tells Lindsay that he loves her. Meanwhile she sits there and bemoans the fact that she's no longer "adored," before she admits she hasn't loved him for awhile.

We also don't see them spending time as a family. She was all too eager to get put in jail to protect a scuzzball of a serial killer. No thought of her son.

Let's face it -- both Bobby and Lindsay are all about their work. For that matter, all of them are, except for Jimmy and Lucy, the obnoxious receptionist.