Is this a remake of...

...the 1945 film, "Without Love" w/ Kate Hepburn and Spencer Tracy? The plot lines aren't exactly the same, but close enough to the point that I could see this as a sort of remake. Anyone want to weigh in on it? Has anyone here seen both films?

I am the movies I love! (^_^)


i've never seen that film much less heard of it and i'm surprised i haven't considering i'm a big spencer tracy/katherine hepburn fan..

i've just looked it up, read the plot lines and looked at reviews and do you know what? i think these two films are just very similar to one another...there was another film, a 1958 french one entitled le miror a deux faces on which the film is's about a homely woman who, when she becomes a beauty, faces trouble in her marriage...

but thanks for the heads up on without love..if i ever see it or it shows up on tcm or cable i will be the first to watch it..


Thanks both for the recommendations!