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I loved this film and agree, much much better than the first Creed film though I liked that as well. What I liked: - loved the concept of Creed vs Drago fight with Lundgren, and Nelson as an extra -I loved how the first CvD fight was shot, I like the exaggerated film shots and slow mo of the original films because it leant a heightened sense of reality, and this filming style gave me back that feeling of heightened surreal sense of the Rocky saga -I loved Jordan's acting here, especially when he was on that hospital bed, the raw vulnerability, shame, and insecurity was palpable from him and he was fantastic in delivering that arc to his character. His abilities as an actor is really highlighted in this film -I like the Victor and Ivan dynamic, their backstory, bond and the redemptive feature you mentioned as well -Loved the Rocky theme used at the last fight, just gave me goose bumps. I was so happy like a little kid! I just finished watching this and plan on doing a marathon tomorrow of all Rocky and Creed films! I gave this a 9/10. lol Being jewish is both an ethnicity and a religion, so ethnically she is Jewish and to quote Pope Bendict XVI and Roy Schoeman, an Orthodox Jew who converted to Catholicism: Rabbinical Judaism is pre-Messianic Judaism and Catholicism is post-Messianic Judaism, since it predates Rabbinical Judaism by about 50-100 years. Nope. We just age much slower, and we maintain a healthy dose of innocence up to old age as well. I also notice Emilia Clark with a lot of deep wrinkles on her forehead, we don't get those until we're 60-80. Your username is familiar, do you frequent classic films often? And with all of them, he was still the most beautiful one in the coupling. Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe are probably in his league of beauty. I actually really like the recent King Arthur film and I think it will be like one of those classics derided upon first release like: Stardust Peter Pan Scarface The Empire of the Sun The Thing The 13th Warrior People who didn't like the recent King Arthur are under the impression that the legend was set in stone and passed on untouched when it was a growing and living legend that changed with every iteration. Also there's a series called Merlin which has King Arthur in it, but I've only seen an episode or 2. Honestly I prefer this and Peter Pan over TPB. I love fairy tale films done well and this is one of them, a classic Imo. Peter Pan (2002-2003) is another. I agree it doesn't have anything to do with it but I believe in the West, many women loathe babies and children and have made it their right to have children dismembered alive. For them, it's either women's right to mass murder babies vs babies right to live and not be tortured. So it has a very peculiar and horrific result in the West, I don't understand westerners sometimes. Almost like these people are not human but those monsters from horror films. View all replies >