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I disagree, a car isn't a necessity and that money is better invested on other more important matters, like education and your future. You won't always be rich & you won't always make that type of money. People need to be taught proper values and on how to manage money at a young age, you don't teach an old dog new tricks, you have to learn it while you're young or else you grow up to be a loser, a spoiled brat, and a selfish narcissist. Paul McCartney & Bill Gates don't spoil their children, they make sure their kids learn humility, and to just be a normal down to earth kid lest they grow up like Paris Hilton and their like. I've met a fee of my fathers friends from young childhood to my teenage years but until now, I won't remember any of them unless I see the often enough. The decline of Pride Rock is tied to the age old myth of the King (the rightful one) is Tues to the land. When the King is in good health, his land is prosperous, when he is sickly or dies, so does his land until the next rightful king inherits the mantle. Watch Excalibur and see another example of this. Efron is nowhere near the beauty Delon was in his youth Imo. Clooney looks very different from Delon, Delon has that ethereal dangerous beauty like Vivien Leigh or Al Pacino in The Godfather. Madonna bigger than MJ? Lol, that's like saying The 4400 was a bigger show than Star Trek, come on! I guess they did that in the US. If they saw it at 9 they would be 90 now, if they saw it at 19, 100. I don't think they'd be using these boards. Yeah I was a kid when this came out and never heard of it when it did. I loved this film and agree, much much better than the first Creed film though I liked that as well. What I liked: - loved the concept of Creed vs Drago fight with Lundgren, and Nelson as an extra -I loved how the first CvD fight was shot, I like the exaggerated film shots and slow mo of the original films because it leant a heightened sense of reality, and this filming style gave me back that feeling of heightened surreal sense of the Rocky saga -I loved Jordan's acting here, especially when he was on that hospital bed, the raw vulnerability, shame, and insecurity was palpable from him and he was fantastic in delivering that arc to his character. His abilities as an actor is really highlighted in this film -I like the Victor and Ivan dynamic, their backstory, bond and the redemptive feature you mentioned as well -Loved the Rocky theme used at the last fight, just gave me goose bumps. I was so happy like a little kid! I just finished watching this and plan on doing a marathon tomorrow of all Rocky and Creed films! I gave this a 9/10. View all replies >