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how do you remember the nineties?

The nineties for me was: First year in the U.S,Grungerock,R.E.M.
tHE INTERNET!!! Generation -X.
a slight 70's revival in the youth.
This film (loved it)
Clunky boots and second hand clothes.
And...What else???


The best decade of my life. In 1990 I was 5, and a very happy child.
When the nineties were over, I was 14, and still someone without problems and with a happy adolescence...

OMG, I miss the nineties!


I came of age in the 90s (I graduated high school in '96) and everything went to sh*t after that so it was the best time of my life (so far).


Hell yes, the roaring '90s kicked azz. Someone please reverse the arrow of time and bring us back to the '90s. Things really aren't that bad now (not yet anyway). But damn the '90s were fun.


dan quayle.

Hey, sprechen sie talk?


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The good years of Nickolodeon. Saved by the bell. Hanging out in middle school. Being carefree. No bills. Still being a kid. Fun fun fun. Slap bracelets. Boy bands. Revival of teen comedy-drama. High school. Good times.


Sounds like the 80s.


no war in iraq in the 90's???! I think you'll find there was...


I was born in '76 so I was a youth in the 90s. The 90s rocked---one of my favorite decades along with the 60s and 70s.

In the 90s...

There was more freedom

Less PC (politically correct) crap

Internet/cellphones were seen as luxury items

Computer classes were optional

Kids could clearly be seen from the teacher's desk instead of being hidden by computers

People were less materialistic

People didn't have to worry all the time about being sued

Music was more original

There was very little "reality" TV

People did not have to be at the airport hours before departure and could walk through those metal detectors within 10 minutes

Crossing the border was pretty easy

At school, kids were allowed to swear without being suspended

Kids could also get away with fist fights without having the principal contacting the police

Smoking vending machines were still common up until the mid-90s

Kids could smoke right outside the doors where now they probably can't even smoke all the way out at the football field

Kids were allowed to leave school ground for lunch


I'm the class of '95
Hmmm... trying to remember high school....

All clothes seem to be made of flannel. Everything. The shirts were too big and then you would tuck them into your jeans. Yikes!

So much hype about "grunge rock" and "gansta rap"

Doc Martens! Steel toe boots, biker boots or birkenstocks with thick socks.

Lalapalooza bands and complaint rock

Total apathy about politics because "it didn't matter anyway"

Apathy in general

Fear of AIDS

Hating Brenda Walsh

Everyone looking like dirty hippies

....back to 2007....


great great times..............high school, metal, grunge, hip hop, Winona Ryder......good times!!!

"When you look at me, I can hardly breathe."




Apart from meeting&marrying my husband, the nineties were the best times of my life, particularly 7th grade which was in...94'. Big flannel t-shirt, wearing the same jeans everyday (jeans that I used to doodle on and write all over), collecting patches (patches!) of my favorite bands (Smashing Pumpkins, STP, Green Day, Nirvana, etc., etc.) and sewing/ironing them on my backpack. "Rockers" vs "Rappers" lol. My So-Called Life. Good times. Things seemed simpler back then, of course I was younger, but talking to my Dad even HE seems to agree. I really miss life w/o all the technology sometimes.


I don't remember much of the 90's, it was kind of a blur to me.


i grew up in the 90s, i was born in 1980, good times, high school was some what fun, my mom was still alive, classic movies came out, still awesome bands, kurt was still alive ... well untill mid 94. music was AWESOME,

i agree with the lack of P.C police, i miss those days.

teenage girls LOOKED like teenage girls.

the rock, mankind, stone cold steve austin, brett heart, Owen Heart.

I KNOW 2 things that are clear.I'm a great sinner,Christ is a great Savior.



aged 16 - 26 all I seemed to do was....

get drunk with my friends
get sacked from quite a lot off jobs
dance to violent femmes, pulp, pixies
watch great movies reservoir dogs, trainspotting
pretend to be a student but just not wanting to get a job,
pretend to be a skateboarder but just fancied the guys,
wear doc martins, long dresses, pink hair thinking i was really cool,
the guys had floppy fringes and looked really cute
join the free Nelson Mandela campaign
march against the first iraq war
believe you could make a difference
no neds
rock hadn't sold out

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the memories


For me it was...

Rockos Modern Life
The Rock
Stone Cold
Oregon Trail

Best time of my life so far.

My silhouettes inside intensive care because I like to shadowbox.


I was born in 1980 and I have fond memories of the 90's.

Married With Children
Beavis and Butthead
Alice in Chains
The Simpsons
Melrose Place
Party of Five
WWF in it's prime in the late 90's
For me the Indians going to the world series in 95 and 97 and getting my heart broke both times
Mallrats and Clerks

All about sums it up for me...


Well said Kardiak...well said. I am a huge Indians fan and that sticks in my mind as well.

I graduated in 1994 and the 90's brought me up. I became an adult in the 90's.

The Wonder Years
Nirvana - Grunge
American Online
Moved to New York City to study acting
Smashing Pumpkins
Forrest Gump
Smoking in the mall

There are many time of my life!


I was pretty well loaded most of the first half, but...

Tons of coffee shops
The rise and fall of grunge rock
Flannel and Doc Martens
People starting to get something called an "e-mail" address, which used to be about 400 characters long.
Rune stone necklaces
The Original ECW. In a decade when just about everything was "Extreme", Paul Heyman put together an island of misfit toys and the rest was pro wrestling history. What I wouldn't do to see The Sandman come out to Metallica just one more time.
The Death and Return of Superman.
Batman: Knightsend
Not everyone having a cell phone and being perfectly fine with that.


I was 14 - 23, so I guess you could say those were the "good years" (though I am currently embracing my 30s).

What do I remember?

-Good hip hop and rap music (Biggie - who I saw in concert twice, Wu-Tang Clan, Naughty by Nature, The Geto Boys, etc)
-Pulp Fiction became my favorite film of all time.
-Watching 90210 and Melrose Place
-AIDS was a fear but it really didn't stop anyone from having casual sex. However, "Did you get tested?" became a stock line when entering into a new relationship.
-Mostly peaceful years after Desert Storm in 1991
-In college, believing we would all become Internet millionaires and retire by 35 (LOL at that one now).
-At least believing we would be financially successful upon graduation - feel bad for all you kids graduating from college now!
-Being the first generation that really wouldn't let go of being "kids". Thus, the emergence of the slacker. I know plenty of people who unfortunately never got past this stage of life.
-Getting my first pager, CD player, and, at the very end of the decade when I began my post-college professional career, a cell phone (a clunky basic thing that was a phone only).
-Everyone had more money and everything was cheaper. Oh, cheap gasoline, where have you gone?
-Grunge wear and baggy hip hop clothes. I must admit I owned several pairs of bust-a-sag jeans.


I graduated in 1995. I have to say that those were great years to be in high school (1991-1995). Great music, the "indie" scene... and MTV used to actually play MUSIC VIDEOS the majority of the time and not all this reality crap.

Yes, flannel everywhere. Chunky Mary Janes. I had a lacy white dress not unlike the one Winona wore in the movie.

No cell phones--only Moms and Dads had a cell phone and would call you while you were babysitting their kids. You were cool and technologically hip if you had a pager.

Computers? Those things at the library with DOS-based InfoTrac on a monochrome screen? I took typing class in high school and used an actual typewriter. You had to put a stamp on bills and mail them, not just pay them online. No IMing, no MySpacing... no IMDB... :)

We could still buy cassette tapes at the record stores. (Geez, I'm dating myself... "record stores.")

Caller ID came along and ruined everyone's prank-calling fun.

The late '90s were WAY different than the early '90s were. The minute the Internet really started to take off (1995 or so), things really changed.


hey imdb came out in 1990 lol