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favorite scene ever; what are yours?

The motorcycle/helicopter is I guess really the best scene ever, but one that is about as ridiculous, if not as spectacular, is one of my favorites...

About 5 minutes in, when Ice just unloads with a submachinegun directly at another biker, somehow managing to only hit the beer can on his shoulder without hitting the guy, even though Ice is spraying wildly on full auto, then continues firing into the VW bug behind the dude, which is hit in the doorframe and explodes. Fantastic.


God, there's so many to chose from, but I really like the scene where a cop is shot in the chest and his car explodes. Also, when the old man goes for a boat ride and his boat explodes like six times. There are so many amazing moments! Do you know the writer of this movie was 74 years old when he wrote it?


i love when Lance can surprise attack the Boz from the back by shooting, hitting or even pushing Boz over the railing but instead grabs him and says the classic "welcome to my slaughterhouse." that was awesome and i still use that line with friends to the day even though i haven't seen the movie in ten years.


At the very beginning, just the thought that someone's going to be tried and convicted and then brought back for a re-trial to seek the death penalty, somehow reeks of unreality.

When the "Boz" breaks one of the italian's arms on the collection run and two seconds later the guy's arm appears just a litte sore.

Stone is known to the bikers as "John Stone". His real name is Joe Huff. When he goes to meet his liasion and Ice follows him, Ice shouts "Hey Joe!" before open firing on him. How did he know his name was "Joe?"

The end of the same scene where Ice's bike explodes.

The beginning of the helicopter scene where Stone is standing there with a gun and Chains gets off the back of the bike and tells the unarmed biker to take Stone out. Did it ever occur to him that if you're trying to run a guy down with a motorcycle and he has a gun, the odds are you'll probably get shot before you reach him and that's exactly what happened.

When Stone is in the helicopter, his hands are seperated and singly tied to the ceiling. They say they're going to strap a bomb on him and throw him out. Didn't they realize that they'd have to untie him in order to throw him out?


my fav part in this was when chains{lance henriksen}was in the garage and puts his hands through his hairs and says I NEED A NEW BITCH


i like when he shoots the trailer carrying the p2p off the truck and it slams into a gas station where there is a car at one of the pumps. JOE HUFF has absolutely no regard for civilian safety or property. who knows how many people got killed in the gas station.


The truck crashing into the gas station is my favorite as well. Besides the idea of someone being able to disengage a tractor trailer connection with a shotgun blast being laughable, I actually worked on that scene. I had just graduated from college and was working as a grunt on the FX crew. I spent 5 long hot and exhausting days laying the track that the trailer slid on. I still feel a sense of pride when I see that thing blow up.


I enjoyed all of the little remarks by Chains and the action sequences at the end. This movie had some pretty good actors.





Some of my favorites scenes, quips, and bloopers from the movie:

Stone meets Ice for the first time in the bar and tells him that he just got out of prison. Stone says, "I did my time," and Ice replies, "A pretty boy like you must have done some painful time." Great line.

In the same bar Ice confronts the truckers who got ripped off during a drug deal. One of the truckers says, "Just give us back our money and we're gone." Ice says, "I got news for you. You already gone," and kicks the guy between the legs. Stone joins in on the fight and at the end Ice says, "Next time mind your own busy honey."

Stone is fighting the big dude in the pit at the biker rally. Stone is wearing black fingerless gloves. A couple of scenes during the fight he's not wearing gloves.

Ice is trying to shoot a beer can off another guys hand with an automatic firearm. He emptying the magazine at the guy and the whole time there is a group of people standing in the line of fire directly behind the guy. Needless to say, they would have all been mowed down in reality.

Stone comes to the compound with the bullet proof vest as a gift for Chains. Just prior to Chains entering the room to meet with Stone, A biker throws a knife at a poster of a bare bottom on the wall. The knife sticks right in the middle of the butt crack. Bullseye!

Chain has some great lines all throughout the movie.

"A pretty boy like you must have done some painful time." Ice, Stone Cold 1991


too many to name, but a few are

-when Greek throws the knife into the butt crack of that picture.

-anytime Mudfish laughs.

-when Chains is at the resteraunt with the mob. he tells them to open the helmut and taps it with a breadstick.

-when AWOL is working on the bomb and takes a drink of water and goes "ahhh".

-right in the beginning, those 3 guys are robbing the store and the black guy with the machine gun is unloading on the Ritz crackers. Not the Ritz!

-the motorcycle crashing into the helo is good. what makes it great is that the helo blows up before the cycle even hits it.

-when the chick is playing pool wearing only a vest.

-any scene where you can tell the Boz's hair stylist was on set that day. that mullet has got to be hard to manage.


Thanks for the warm words. Of all the film i've directed this is my favourite, Lance really made this movie what it was in my opinion.


Hi Alex. "Stone Cold" is a great action film. Great job, man. I see that you were the cinematographer on 1987's "Under Cover". I really like that movie. Any word on a DVD release? Do you know if MGM owns the rights to it? I've got in on VHS, but I'd love to get in on DVD.


My turn. Favorite scenes include

When the store robber jumps up in the video survilance camera and shoots it. This actualy shocked me (in a good way) when I first saw the movie in the theater.

The biker rally scenes were cool. Really set the mood for the film. I liked the part where the bikers were shooting beers off each others shoulders.

After joe is recruited, the FBI guy goes over his place and finds a pretty girl there.

I dont know what it was about the actor who player AWOL, but he did an awsome job as the corrupt army helicopter pilot.


Awesome film with too many great moments to list but here's some of my personal faves:

The store robbery at the start during which the Boz steals and starts munching on a snack - suddenly one of the bad guys pokes a shotgun into the side of his face promting our hero to reply, 'Ok I'll pay for the damned thing!' (a Boz rendered beating inevitably follows) lol

The throwing knife into the butt crack poster scene - absolutely classic!

The scene introducing Paulo Tocha as the Bolivian; Boz comments on his dancing and subsequently tells him to take a bow......before helping him to do so by slamming the guys head onto the bar!

Got to love Ice's biker funeral to - Talk about a cool send off.

Mmmmmmm.......what blood type are you?



God forgives, brotherhood doesn't!..

Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy :)


Oh man, so many great, great scenes in this film. How about Chains' comment talking about the Brotherhood 'colours':

"..if they hit the ground, even in a fight, I'll peel your skin off with a knife dipped in *beep*

Now that's a line!

Or during the shop robbery the food packets on the shelves still exploding after the gun stops firing..

You come into this house drunk, filthy drunk! You're filthy! You talk filth, you ARE filth!


The ending in the Capital Building is friggin awesome!!! This is totally an underrated movie. I know it's not great, but it aint bad either. William Forsythe and Lance Henrikson are bada$$ in this!!!. This is one of my favorite 90's action movies.

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Any scene with Arabella Holzbog...