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sin city Mexico? Cartels? Again?? awesome crime thriller Really great serie !!!!! not bad at all why such low ratings? online poker, how do we know the software is not cheating you? interesting and entertaining interesting missing girls documentary super funny interesting doc about traveling to the island of the Bounty View all posts >


on the other hand it s super original as long as not done as a goofy comedy, and I think like many others the movie is truly great. i love it too , great original combination of unusual things while still making a lot of sense and not just all kind of weird stuff thrown around. 9/10 yeeees you summarized so well, i hate his character, always kind of shy and looking like he is feeling awkward, not caring that much if his dad might get caught because of him, etc.. ha ha you have a good point I never thought about it this way, but still they could try to come up with different types of bad guys, mexican drug cartels my god this topic has come back in so many movies and series the last few years. Well you can say the exact same thing about any movie, any scene, any post, any opinion and any topic on this website, and on any other website. she is pretty, has big boobs and has just a little bit of extra fat that can easily disappear in a couple of weeks; if she was ugly, had small boobs and obese then her video would actually make sense and be honest, so it's just an easy little marketing PR communication stunt to get media attention and more followers. totally agree, but since a movie is a product they hope to get as many consumers as possible so this way they can have both adults and kids watching it, but definitely would have been much better if it was darker for adults only like Rambo or Predator. i agree BUT why would he waste his life committing murder in front of many people in broad day light probably getting life in jail just to prove a point to some guy he met a few weeks ago?? that was totally over the top and ridiculous, the rest of the movie is really good. just like the other crimes he could have killed him at night without witness damn i had totally forgotten about that very first scene honestly seeing how much of a whimp he is always embarrassed and shy and uncomfortable and afraid I have a VERY hard time believing it cuz the teacher is very pretty she has tons of choice of guys, and she would never make the first move; but then she might have fallen for his ''I take photos therefore I am a big artist'' kind of trick i thought the movie was ok and quite good at times . obviously there was a lot of nonsense but then so have the Superman Spiderman Fast and Furious James Bond etc.. movies , the gremlins were super cool and original I felt they fitted in quite well with the overall style and atmosphere, just some fun light entertainment View all replies >