Best Line

"No there's no Farooz here....Oh, well F you too"


"See, that's your problem, you haven't seen enough movies. Don't you know, all of life's riddles are answered in the movies."


"No there's no Farooz here....Oh, well F you too"
Actually, I think he finishes that with, "Oh, well F you also," which sounds just a little funnier.

Hard to pin down a favorite line, but here's one...

Mack: I do this *beep* and the next day I'm astounded!

So many great scenes, like Simon and the gangbanger, but I kinda love this bit...

Dee: Ya know, it would be great if you could sort of be down about things, but still be alright with it. Like, finally accept that fact that you're gonna feel bad most of the time and not fight it.
Mack: Of course, it would also be nice not to feel bad most of the time.
Dee: Yeah, but that's how you get yourself in trouble. By thinking how nice it'd be to be happy more.

Followed by that great shot of Mack and Jane looking at her sadly.



Mac: I'm getting a headache
Claire: No you're not
Mac: I'm not?
Claire: No and I'll tell you why I reject your headache Mac, because it's inappropriate. If I am right and these events are truly miracles, then it's an innapropriate response to get a headache in the presence of a miracle.


Simon: "Man, get yourself to the Grand Canyon."

And all the dialogue between Simon and the young guy with the gun (Shaun Baker as Rocstar) that begins with Simon saying, "Are you the one I'm talking to?"
and ending with -
Simon: "You don't have the gun, we ain't having this conversation."
Guy: "That's what I thought. No gun, no respect. That's why I always got the gun."

It's my favorite part of the movie, actually that whole scene with Kevin Kline and the guys around the car and Simon drives up and stepping out of the truck with the closeup of his cowboy boots.


"Are you trying to cheer me up?"

Steve Martin's hankie bit, too.


Mack is questioning his friendship with Simon. Claire asks him, "How do you know you won't be friends for the REST of your lives?" (Or something like that.)

I thought that was a great moment.