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which strippers have real breasts?

Kelly aka "Dominique" (the reporter) - I think fake, but they aren't bad. Not obscene looking, at least. But the underside's are too uniform and perfect looking to be natural. She's really cute and looks great on stage. I like her awkward curtsy after her first performance on amateur night.

Jodie (the brunette lesbian) - obviously fake, they barely move when she dances. She's very sexy and beautiful. Comes across bitchy, but she's hot. Her routine in gold body paint was nice.

Whitney (the blonde lesbian) - Too big and fake looking. They seem oversized for her figure.

Lola (the tall brunette) - likes to wear white on stage. Does the sexy bride routine and later oe with a duster. Not overly big, but fake looking. They don't move much while she moves on stage. Pretty and with a real nice ass.

Sunny (the black dope fiend) - definitely real. Small and pert. Unfortunately the only real pair in the movie, I think. But they look nice. Better little boy tits like these than obvious implants. I thought she did well in her death scene in the phone booth.

Sherilyn (short brunette) - We never see them exposed. Most of her scenes are back stage and fully clothed. She does the school girl routine on stage, but is in a bra. Looks like they may be real as they aren't large at all.

Laura (long red hair) - she is the amateur night dancer right before the main girl Kelly. Not real, unfortunately. Nice figure. Would have liked to see a little more of her.