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which strippers have real breasts? Quite enjoyed it Antigue and Curacao as settings, and you don't get Sophia Loren in a bikini even once? Anyone have the recent Redemption/Kino Lorber blu-ray? Anywhere to see the longer original cut? Is there anywhere to see the more explicit version? Mary Woronov dancing on the car Where in the movie is this scene? Questions about the blu-ray releases Is the version streaming on Amazon complete? View all posts >


My biggest laugh was the re-militarized police taking to the streets to "Kickstart My Heart". Cartman's six foot stick was pretty funny too, though. Can anyone point to a specific scene or scenes that identify whether you are seeing the original NC-17 version or the edited R version? They both have the same run time (98 minutes) and according to IMDB, there is only a few seconds difference. But I can't find any description of what is different. I can't stand edits for prudishness, so I'd like to make sure I can see the full version. I don't know if its still available to buy, but I have the full 80 minute version on Vudu. Looks much better than the 4:3 low-res 70 minute censored version on Amazon. Thanks for the info here. I just watched this on Amazon (as Escape 2000) and its only 78 minutes long. Seemed very choppy, particularly the Rita/Jennifer scene. I'm less interested in more gore, but would really like to see the actual lesbian sex scene if there is one. All the version I saw had was Rita holding the arrow up to Jennifer and then leaning in like she is going to kiss her, and then it cuts away. You never see Jennifer again or her body, just Rita walking up to Thatcher in the burning field. So was there any actual action between the two filmed? Could have used some more gratuitous nudity or sex in this, I think. She did notice him. She looks right at him as he walks past her. She wasn't expecting to see him in Mexico and he didn't say a word to her, so she was probably unsure at first. But she stops, clearly alarmed that he's there, and then speeds up to get back to (now dead) Terry. But she certainly recognized him. But was it her? I thought it looked like her too from a distance, but as she's still not listed in the credits of the movie (even as an uncredited appearance). The character's name is Mrs. Tewksbury, but I don't see a list for that name in the IMDB credits. Sure does look like her, though. Thanks, I was just coming her to ask this question. I saw her name int he credits, but didn't spot her in the movie. Just went back and she's the woman that asks Marlowe to pick up brownie mix at the beginning. She's in a pink see through top. You see her again when he gives her the mix and she offers to save a brownie for him. She appears later in no top eating some yogurt. Always liked Rutanya, mostly from her parts in Amityville II (1982) and Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid (1973). I agree, she is very good. She's a definite knockout, which tends to obscure that she was more than a statuesque looker. I didn't really mind it in episode 1, as it explains why the person introduduced as Bonnie Heineman is a young boy Bobby when they show video of him/her as kid. But episode 3 on role playing games was pathetic. When i think of all the great role playing games that came out through the 80's and 90's that got no mention whatsoever, so that 1/4 of a 40 minute episode could be about some game Gay Blade that hardly anyone ever played or knew about and get lectures on AIDS and Pat Buchanan. Just ridiculous. View all replies >