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Who is that a picture of? Nice showcase for Marsha Jordan Best lines Good trashy exploitation Jody Ray "On no. You're three minutes in and the Mooninites have already hijacked your movie." "Success Wanters" segment Any pictures of her and her granddaughter Giada De Laurentis together? It's a Tilda Swinton dance party! Good Japanese romantic comedy "roman porno" View all posts >


I don't think that was the first time for either of them. She does a decent girl-girl scene with Marsha Jordan in <i>Her Odd Tastes</i> (1969). That's what I just watched that got me curious with the obviously wrong profile photo. The actual "Capri" is blonde and Caucasian. Thanks. That (Sierra Capri) appears to be who the picture is actually of. Just watched this and really liked it. The three leads (Kingsley, Mirren, Dance) were all great. I think you (the OP) sound like an immature scold. There's no reason to think what some guy does in the bedroom with a hooker has any bearing on his real life. I've engaged in all sorts of role play of things I'd never do. Most people have, and do in fantasies. There was nothing in the movie to suggest he had anything but true father-like affection for Jenny. I presume they feel multiple trips in and out of the country is more likely to be noticed. Agree. She looked great when she was real. Never needed implants. He was great in this. Perfect sleazeball. I like when he spells out sugar "S-U-G-E-R", LOL! Theresa Russell looked really hot in this. More so than either of the two female leads. Even with that short hair she had, she blew away Denise and Neve. Very sex woman. And unlike Denise, Theresa had all original parts. I'm a big fan of Theresa now, but when I saw this in the theater, I didn't now who Theresa Russel was. But I remember thinking, "damn! Mama Van Ryan totally smokes the daughter". I'm surprised some people thought they looked so great. They only looked good covered up. They appeared very fake to me. Obvious implants. View all replies >