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Interesting Sade inspired euro-cult picture Season 4 (2022) Any fans of hers? Interesting and different vampire movie Any good pictures of her? Not much to say about this one DVD question - anamorphic widescreen or no? Elenore's taste in lovers What happened to Queenie (lady in the Burns gang)? Her best erotic/thriller films? View all posts >


I agree. I really enjoy the first hour or so, but man it really drags after that. What might have helped save the second half if they hadn't killed Big Daddy (Don Johnson) and brought him back as an antagonist. The music was very good. I always get the theme song stuck in my head when I watch this. Neither really, but closer to the former I guess. It was a good twist. Elizabeth Taylor was really great in this. Howard just got back from WWI. Probably wasn't as fazed as most men would be by what he found at the farm. Besides, we don't know what story Pearl gave him. Maybe he thought she was suffering the equivalent of shell shock. He might not know that she killed his sister. Then again, maybe he's just a devoted softie terrified by her energy and cowed into going along. Mostly they didn't. Like you, I enjoyed part one, but part two was junk. Of course, the part with the kids was always the more interesting part in the book as well. But that's not the only problem with part two. Absolutely. This (the remake) was such a disappointment. Survey says.... No. I'm trying to remember, did "Spotlight" (2015) do well when it came out? I liked that movie. And while I really like Zoe Kazan, I just can't muster up interest in this. Seems like signing up for a 2 hour lecture. I'll pass. This was one of my favorite things about the movie. It didn't really relate to the plot, but I loved how it got stuck in his head. View all replies >