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Movies of 1990 Bracket Game: Semi-Finals

Moviegoers had a lot of great options when they went to the multiplexes thirty years ago. Ghost and Home Alone were the highest-grossing movies of the year. Pretty Woman made Julia Roberts a star. Dances With Wolves dominated the Oscars beating out Martin Scorsese’s classic, Goodfellas.

Which movie will readers pick to represent the year? That’s up to you guys.

Our final four films of 1990 are Dick Tracy, Die Hard 2, Edwards Scissorhands and Goodfellas. That’s a decent crop the one movie I consider a legitimate classic and three that are entertaining if nothing else.

If I’m being honest, I was expecting to see Total Recall and Misery in the semi-finals. Warren Beatty beat out Arnold Schwarzenegger by two votes and John McClane edged out Annie Wilkes by just one reader. All the brackets were pretty competitive this round. Goodfellas had the biggest win with 2/3rds of the votes.

I think the mob guys are likely to put out a hit on Johnny Depp’s sensitive outsider. And I expect Bruce Willis to die pretty hard. But we’ll see what happens. Voting ends Friday at noon EST. Then come back next week for the final round.