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Great and Nostalgic Charlie Sheen performance.

This film is just AWESOME!, Charlie Sheen, awesome soundtrack, great acting, very nostalgic, porsche.
Most awesome Porsche film ever !




I thought you were going to talk about the Charlie Sheen performance, not just list a few things!

In any case, Charlie's performance here is different from almost any of his other roles ('The Wraith' being a possible exception).

He's so calm, relaxed, collected, smooooooooooooth and subtle. His acting performance here is really sublime!

He can be so over-the-top in so many other movies, that without this movie, it might be easy to forget just how incredibly SMOOTH he can be.

This is how you project self-confidence - not worrying about anything (visibly anyway), and not stressing about things, just trusting that things will work out. You almost never see Charlie Sheen like this in other movies.