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"Requiem for a Dream (2000)" How DARE you recommend this crap without warning?? Seriously, do NOT watch this movie, all it will do is instead of making you cry, it will turn your innards upside down and make you vomit internally, and then create TERRIBLE anxiety that will take weeks to get rid of, all the while TEARING depression rips you apart and nightmarish images of your family members being tortured in the most visually grotesque way will haunt you forever! DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE, it is dangerous, it will make you feel EXTREMELY HORRIBLE! Ribon ni Kishi (the musical). Not a movie, but a very unique and touching story with great musics nevertheless. Watch the Morning Musume Ishikawa Rika-version for best performances. Realistic? Ninjas were all about stealth, not about open, clumsy assault. They went down in such stupid ways, one had to shake one's head in disgust and disappointment. They didn't show any stealth ability in the movie. They should've been almost never seen at all, only a small movement in the shadows, then a deadly shuriken flashes from the darkness and someone dies. No one could pinpoint where they are, no one would be able to see or hear them, just some vague movement all around the place, but no individual target to aim at. They should've been like particles basically; "You can never know a particle's position and momentum at the same time." Also, the ninja had all kinds of more advanced spiritual abilities, like mind control and such, which was not shown at all. I guess there's a limit to a moviemaker's bravery.. after all, reality has to always be shown to be completely physical and nihilistic, and spiritual things that can be shown are just things like 'meditation' and 'lit candles and incense', but it can't go further than that.. .. realistic? More like 'completely disappointing'. "Katsimoto" It doesn't take even 1 second to correct the mistake, and yet you failed to do it. There's no "tsi" in japanese language. There's 'chi' (ち、チ) and 'tsu' (つ、ツ), so how could a japanese name be "Katsimoto"? (So at best, it would be 'Katsushimoto' (かつしもと), or 'Katashimoto'(かたしもと) or something, which would sound very weird) Furthermore, in an age, where all the information is almost literally at your fingertips, WHY do people get movie quotes, character and actor names wrong? How is it even possible to watch a whole movie and get a name wrong? Can't you check it, if you are unsure? And why would you be sure about a wrong name? It boggles the mind.. I can't figure out WHY this keeps happening. It's SO EASY to check! "So extremely dull and stiff. " So they were perfect. Don't you have any information about japanese culture, people, and especially under strict governmental and also societal unwritten rules? It scares many people stiff. Military people would be the most stiff people of course. These actors portrayed things extremely realistically, all things considered. So what are you complaining about? The conclusion being; Unless you have made name for yourself as a warrior, you can't EVEN be a DE FACTO samurai (and it's debatable as to how 'real' that is). The troller in the old post was either deluded into thinking that as long as you follow 'the code' (which they didn't seem to know to have called "Bushidō (武士道, "the way of warriors")"), and simply CALL yourself a samurai, you somehow are a samurai.. ..OR.. ..they were just trying to provoke people and lied about their delusion, and didn't REALLY think they were a samurai after all. Factually, those are the only two options. By the way, it's 'troller', not a 'troll'. Just because there's a folklore mythology about a being called 'troll', doesn't mean that 'trolling' has ANYTHING to do with that creature. Trolling is a form of fishing: The term 'trolling' came from 'trying to fish as many reactions as possible by writing a ridiculously exaggerated comment'. So 'trolling' is 'fishing for reactions', someone doing trolling is NOT a 'troll'. "studied sword for a while, I have a belt in it." You have a BELT in your SWORD?? What? In any case, it's not a matter of "what you call yourself" - a kid can call themselves emperor, but they will still have to obey their parents when it's dinner time. A teenager can call themselves 'rebel', but they will still do their girlfriend's bidding. An adult may call themselves 'Darth Vader', but they'll still just be a fat nerd in a costume. There's a difference between actually BEING something, and simply CALLING yourself something. It's the difference between fiction an reality, imagination and truth, label and actuality. You and that guy can call yourselves samurai all day long, that doesn't make you samurai. From Wikipedia: "Samurai (侍, /ˈsæmʊraɪ/) were the hereditary military nobility and officer caste of medieval and early-modern Japan from the 12th century to their abolition in the 1870s. They were the well-paid retainers of the daimyo (the great feudal landholders). They had high prestige and special privileges such as wearing two swords. " Notice the word, "WERE". You can't be samurai anymore. They're gone. There are no more samurai. (Hence the title of the movie, 'The LAST Samurai' - referring to all those samurai shown in the movie, not Tom Cruise's character - people don't realize that japanese words have no plural form, so 'samurai' can mean either one, or many) However, again from Wikipedia: "The Sengoku jidai ("warring states period") was marked by the loosening of samurai culture, with people born into other social strata sometimes making a name for themselves as warriors and thus becoming de facto samurai." So the best you can do is become a "DE FACTO" samurai, by 'making a name for yourself as warrior'. I do not recommend this, though, because it's not only unlawful and illegal, it's also highly unethical and morally wrong. Don't kill or murder anyone. A movie doesn't have to be realistic. Movies are supposed to be escapism, stories, fiction, fantasy, etc. What's wrong with a little romanticism, when it shows how things COULD have been, even if that's not exactly how things were? This movie, to me, is not really about 'history' or 'what happened' anyway, that's just the setting and backdrop. It's about the characters, and ideas - changes in society, and how they affect and influence normal people. Lifestyles that change from spiritual harmony-with-nature to greedy corporate-wage-slave-system. This movie shows us lifestyles almost forgotten, attitudes and bravery no longer respected in the modern world, cultures joining and learning from each other, and how ultimately, it's your individual soul and its power that matters most to make anyone accept you beyond cultural, racial (and other) bounds. You get to meet human-to-human and earn the respect of anyone, if you are honest and brave enough. It's about values, and seeing that 'your side' might actually be wrong in its values, and also, that once you learn to know a group of people, they might turn out much better than you were told or you were thinking before. You can't think of them as numbers to be wiped out anymore, after living amidst them and experiencing their spirit and generosity. Thinking about this movie from this kind of perspectives, who really cares if it's not historically accurate? If you learn to see movies less literally, and with more insight into what the deeper message and the IDEA about the movie is, perhaps you can let go of your unjust anger towards this lovely film and start enjoying it for what it is, not what you think it should be. Besides, back in the day, I learned a lot of japanese language from this movie. Cruise's pronunciation is the best of any hollywood actor I have ever heard. If a movie is this educational, how can you really fault it? What about godlessness? Lots of people have been brutally murdered, tortured and killed for the name of 'god'. Maybe a bit of godlessness is a good thing, considering that. That word is disgusting to me. However, the Hand that created us has many better names; The Great Spirit, for example. Or you can call Him 'The Unnamed', for who can really conjure up a name that can describe the Creator of All Existence? It's interesting how in so many movies, the 'protagonists' or the 'good guys' actually just murder a truckload (or more) people. And we're supposed to root for them. Think about The Matrix, for example. From the perspective of normal people and 'authorities', the 'good guys' are actually just mass-murdering terrorists that regular people have to be scared of, because they murder them en masse. If you change your perspective, you can realize that the people we root for in movies are actually really horrible very often. I wouldn't root for a terrorist in real life, or any mass-murderer, no matter HOW eloquently they try to rationalize their murder-spree. You can ALWAYS find rationalizations for murdering people, especially innocent people. All you have to do is to look for the video clip, where George Bush "admits" that sometimes money is more important than people / life. (I can't remember the exact quote, but it's quite shocking that someone in his position thinks like that, and almost even more shocking that he'd admit it on camera!) View all replies >