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If it hadn't been for Jeffrey, Donny would still be in that brothel.

I was thinking about Frank and Ben's childhoods and the environment and times they grew up in and it occurred to me they had the same thing planned for Donny. Donny would have become Frank and Frank would be Ben. So someone raped Ben as a child, Ben raped Frank as a child and Frank raped Donny and Donny would have gone on to rape a fifth generation of sex slaves and create a 21st Century version of Frank. Like 5 generations of peadophile Doctor Victor Frankensteins replicating themselves by kidnapping people like Dorothy's child. While the FBI is kept busy keeping records and photographing the victims. God Bless America.
Oh say can you see?????
No one ever discusses the title character of the film. Donny is hardly ever mentioned at all. Did they release a different cut in America?
Kiddie sex slaves are huge business in America. You'd think there'd be more films than Taxi Driver and Blue Velvet about the industry. I've read the superbowl is a smorgasbord of children shipped in by their pimps from all over America for the game. Sad. If you wanted to make America great again you'd shoot all the rich white guys. Or drown them. Make the really old ones watch the new Ghostbusters on repeat like Alex in Clockwork Orange until they all have strokes. then release them and let them starve. How much zyklon B would you need to kill a cinema full of old male republicans? Are they still making zyklon B?
Have you seen A wonderful life. Sometimes i wish David Lynch had never been born. But very very rarely.

She has a kind of psychiatric cabaret. Very good. There was something about Suez.