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Anyone else love watching Peter Schibetta's downfall? What's the deal with this supposed genie movie he did? What if Debbie Reynolds reprised her role as Molly Brown Samuel L Jackson should have a cameo The Jessica was secretly working for Silver theory Tarantino as The General's son Could Norman have gotten away the Arbogast killing? Is it true he denied the Mafia was a thing Should never have made a sequel without Arnold Shouldn't have axed the show View all posts >


Lol I thought he had passed already Honestly she was such a forgettable character that I only remembered her because she was played by Winters, so sorry if it sounds harsh but not really. Moore visits her grave in For Your Eyes Only and of course in Diamonds. I'm certain Ernie said he was offered a small sum for Willard or bigger paycheck, he of course asked for bigger paycheck and was gutted when the movie did better than expected. Same thing happened with Steve McQueen on The Blob, even worse because he was just an unknown struggling actor at the time, an although Wanted: Dead Or Alive came soon, he never knew it at the time. True although it could be argued that Daniel was feeling confident because Barnes most likely would be knackered where as Daniel was feeling fresh. Not to mention as well Daniel could have watched Barnes as the vast majority of athletic's do and see if there's any weakness they can exploit, for example boxer a can watch boxer b and sees boxer b doesn't protect his body as much as his head, so boxer a knows to attack his head and when he starts to protect it, go for his face. But Barnes doesn't have chance. Still wouldn't work as a viewer, I'm a Snooker fan myself and I want to watch Ronnie as much as possible, so I don't want all the other players playing and then Ronnie just has one match at the end. Yeah and the fact he accepted was because Kurt Russell promised to pay him three times his yearly salary. The Shelley Winters fat jokes cracked me up. View all replies >