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Did Clark and Ellen ever get a chance to have sex during the trip?

I mean the first night the vibrating bed was all messed up and they later got caught by the kids

The second night they were at Eddie’s so highly doubtful they did it there

Then at Kamp Komfort they were interrupted by the dog

After that Ellen lost her Diaphragm. I mean they could have done it at the next 2 hotels but it just seems like the line about Ellen losing her Diaphragm should have gone somewhere. It would explain why Clark and Ellen were starting to get really irritable and it also would have added another layer of comedy by being part of the reason Clark went on his F-bomb riddled tirade in the card.

Although I’m guessing they just went ahead and did it in Phoenix after going skinny dipping which would explain why Ellen is in such a great mood the following day.