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Scene in the railroad station - SS officer

When Leslie Slote and his party were in the railroad station ready to board the train to Konigsberg the SS officer tried to make him disclose which members of his party were Jews, saying that separate arrangements applied for Jews.

What was the intention here, was it -

A. They were considered inferior and would have to travel in a separate compartment from the others, 3rd class instead of 1st class.


B. They had no intention of letting them leave and they would be interned.


I don't think they intended for them to leave, since there was an announcement instructing all Jews to go to the restaurant, presumably to wait to be taken somewhere else.

I'm not sure why the other governments cooperated in giving up their Jews, as they were still citizens of neutral countries. Slote appeared to be the only holdout.


I'm reading the book and I wondered the same thing. So I guess it never gets addressed after our gang leaves on the train?