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Biafra ‘hoopla’ 8:10 What does Lucille mouth to Valerie? SUSAN Sarandon was in it? Disappointing Would it bother you to go without children? Why did Deborah’s husband leave her? I wonder how Jerry became so indebted. Is milk harmful to the starving? That’s not why. SPOILER ALERT Andy’s abusive View all posts >


I would have shunned Arnold for the rest of my life. Be gone, toxic person. Taking this as a modern example… … let’s assume the 62 acre Vermont estate cost $200,000 in 1987. The repairs, based on the movie dialogue, cost around $20,000? So all JC had, apparently, was about $250,000. How did she expect to live after buying the house? She wasn’t working! “We heard from Dalton. Crosby didn’t get in.” The entire sequence of the ambitious mothers by the sandbox was hysterical. “BMW!!” Got it. The woman gets cut open when she marries so the husband can penetrate her. She gets cut open wider for delivery. Then she gets stitched closed again. The thief who came to dinner. That helps, but not enough. Yes, except for the opening murder sequence. It bugs me every time that, given his perspective of the kitchen and the dining table, Michael appears to be 6 feet tall. She kicked ass from the moment she grabbed the back of Diane‘s shirt through “Mommy, that burned.” <blockquote> didn’t the witches find it odd that only when Sarah joined their coven did their spells actually start working? </blockquote> No, they assumed their success came because now they had a Fourth. <blockquote>I can get her going nuts, but why do the other two turn into bitches too? </blockquote> Sarah criticized them in the car and threatened their powers by suggesting she might leave them. Bonnie and Rochelle never came to make peace with Sarah. It was a fishing expedition to see if they could use her to get their power back. View all replies >