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What does Dave Reilly do next? RC Cola? Why didn’t Jan get pregnant? Did the smaller camps focus on torture? Goof in FIFTY SHIPS What are Prince Millers’s Tindal homes? The ending The hatch… Open or closed? Thoughts on the video, please. Like/Don’t like View all posts >


Yes, he did. He said, “ It was the beach. You understand? The beach? It was too... beautiful, too much input, too much... sensation. I tried to keep it under control. But it just keeps spilling out and spilling out and spilling out. Right. You see, um... She’s on an island. And that island is perfect. I mean real perfection, you know?” He goes on to describe it, and how it was forbidden but a few travelers, people with ideals, got there. “ Ideals, eh? We were just fucking parasites. The big chunky Charlie. See, I was the one who was trying to find the cure. The procurer of the cure. And I said to them, ‘You’ve got to leave. You’ve got to leave this place.’ but they wouldn’t listen.” Living in Oblivion I think that’s right. Rewatched it, looked it up again. I didn’t know that Eagle Day refers to the start of the German air war known as the Battle of Britain. Since the preceding episode, “A Lesson in Murder,” mentions that no bombs have fallen in London yet, I guess this episode, with all its bombing and air war plots, is referencing the beginning of the Battle of Britain. Actually, I think the film shows her changing. She looks healthier, like she has indeed given up drugs. she’s not going to leave Amanda alone. She’s going to have Dottie watch her… or Patrick. Meanwhile, Patrick is keeping an eye on the situation and Amanda has moved on, naming her new doll Annabelle. I think the ending implies hope. What happens in the book sequel, please? All great stuff. But it could just be gestalt, like how Ethan picks up Debbie at the beginning of the movie and at the end. The movie starts with the door opening. It ends with a door closing. I suspect him, too. He seems very guilty on camera, like he has been forced to cover something up. I expect better from Ron and Brian. Hi, Annie. Are you aware of the new Netflix series on this topic? It is called “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel” and I have started some discussion threads on its moviechat page. I would love to hear from you there. I’ve never heard of Dylan, for starters, or that Elisa was off her meds… Gennie James had a successful enough career to make folks wonder why she quit. She played the lead in a television movie version of “The Secret Garden” and was well reviewed for her portrayal of a doomed cystic fibrosis patient in “Alex: The life of a child.” In a news story about the young actors featured at the beginning of Broadcast News, the Texas youngster was shown practicing cheerleading with another little girl. I’ve always wondered if she quit show business to be a regular Texas schoolgirl. Omygosh. Blueghost predicted The Trump presidency. That’s a little spooky! <blockquote>... a group of white people are fired up about a wrong doing, and blamed it on the most convenient black who qualified as the perpetrator [Obama] for whatever twisted logic the mob applied.<blockquote> View all replies >