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the answers Why did the letters keep coming? What’s fact and what’s speculation? Chicken versus hen Why did Smith ask Exley about Rollo Tomasi? What is the Needle’s motivation? Getting on without us? Why not kill ———————? (Spoilers for the ending) Hate the anachronistic dialogue and humor Anjelica Huston cameo? View all posts >


Tom’s treatment of Hallie is condescending and dismissive. He has no respect for her. She would have been a fool to marry him. “Television’s gonna get us.“ If only Aaron, who is always so quick-witted and well spoken, had thought to say, “They are decorative candles for warm weather entertaining, when it’s too hot for flames. Only rich people can afford them.” That IS interesting. But weren’t Nathan‘s manic sequences caused by cocaine? Our Father… Who art in heaven… Hallowed be Thy name… HE LIT A MATCH!!! BLOW IT OUT, NURSE!!! It’s much funnier if you’re an adult. It’s very 1970s but that’s part of the fun. We will fight. We will work. We will pray. We will open up our hearts. We will open up our eyes. And we will catch a glimpse of that romantic country, Peru, where are the lovely city of Lima glistens like a thousand jewels set beside the miles of platinum beach which rests like a strand of yellow hair along the lovely blue ocean. The ever present silent council member bedecked in overalls. A shocked Dr. Proctor stabs Clayton with a scalpel. Walter Chronic has a halo. Yes, they are wonderful. I think the guy in the back row is always like that. But for me, the genius pan (vertical) is the ending shot in the factory parking lot with the zoom in and cut to a long shot to show the consequences. Parking lot full of employee cars in a newly prosperous Eagle Rock. Gorgeous new factory. Striking paint job on the four smokestacks of the Eagle Rock missile factory. Horrifying amounts of black smoke chugging into the sky. Eagle Rock covered with a cloud of smog. With love from your president. View all replies >