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Downhill Racer What is the mother sniffing? How did Cynthia Wilmont get gonorrhea? The rumor about Ron Howard How do Canadian cities compare? Here's all of us together Can we discuss the bodycam video? Judging from the trailer There's a talent contest? Did Edward Jordan kill a cat? View all posts >


UPDATE. Wikipedia says Alec picked the house because he knew it was the auductor's. [url][/url] I agree with most of RogueDemonHunter's complaints, but I don't think Alec realized whose house he was phrogging until he saw the photos on the staircase wall. I didn't care for the earlier seasons because of the focus on Elliot. Well, then...we need quotes! "He went home all right! With a hole in his colon the size of a cutlet!" Toto is the dog in WIZARD OF OZ, a movie full of dwarves and 'midgits' (little people). Tito is offended because accidentally calling him Toto means all you can think when you look at him is "Dwarf!" Higgins never planned to kill Condor. Only Wicks and Atwood wanted that, right? I disliked the HOSTELizing, too. Would have liked to see more mystery unraveling...what happened to the other 7 or so girls? Did the abuse involve all of them? What went on in that foster home? Never mind. Checked the newspaper clipping. It was a foster/group home. Reminds me of James Barbour and Cristin Milioti. He explains at one point that the tape recorder is his safe listener when he needs to talk but doesn't want to burden others with listening. View all replies >