hitchcock movie references

The Movie reference link mentions the art auction (North by Northwest), and something from Spellbound (but what is it?). There is also the fall from a bell tower (Vertigo). I wonder if there are more "Hitchcock Cameos."


In George Bynum's dream he gets scared by a bird when he opens the cabinet with the green box in it. A reference to The Birds?


Interpreting a dream literally to solve a crime is Spellbound.

Belltower is Vertigo.

Woman in a red room ripping up evidence is Marnie.

Bird statues hovering over significant locations is Psycho.

The Birds: Jessica Tandy as the star's mother, a bird attacks, and a swarm of birds outside a window.

North by Northwest: Glen Cove, Long Island home with a long driveway and a name at the front of the drive, plus the auction house scene.

Rear Window: George spying on Brooke through the window.

Notorious: The female lead is motivated by her foreign father's betrayal.

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Every Hitchcock movie - Leggy blond! (Meryl Streep)

Great movie. It scared the beejeezus out of my girlfriend quite a bit - especially the sudden flash of the bird shrieking when Roy is recounting the dream. Scared me too!

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Saboteur--Meryl grabbing Sara Botsford's sleeve in a vain attempt to prevent her from falling to her death.


^ well spotted. I love that scene from Saboteur. I'm sure you also know that scene is also referenced in Hudsucker Proxy - to great comic effect!

"...adouble steetch." !!!


The killer's stance with the knife at the end reminded me of the shower scene in PSYCHO.

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The note that Sam writes to Brooke on the auction slip references the matchbook note written to Eve by Roger Thornhill in NBNW.


I'm going to catch up on this one and enjoy all the Hitchcockian references. I never had Meryl Streep down as a Hitchcock blonde type before now.