Poltergeist curse

Of course this has been discussed a lot over the years & is a load of rubbish, but I've just found out that a second actor from Poltergeist was murdered ( the first being Dominique Dunne ) back in 2009..
Lou Perryman who played a construction worker ( I think the one who drinks coffee etc through the open window ) was killed by a guy who randomly broke into his house after murdering someone else in Austin Texas.. It was apparently a random murder. Surprised this hasn't been mentioned on here yet, especially with this 'curse' thing being high profile when it comes to this movie......


If you check out the trivia, there was more than the two murders and the untimely death of 'Carol Ann'. I can see how it would creep people out.



220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#15**
Nursing Home Killer: There he sits, each day with a smile on his face as he worms his way into the lives of the people at a nursing home. Much like in Say Anything, this man gets people who have no relatives, to leave everything to him when they pass while he milks them of their life savings during their final years on earth. So, in the headline, I mentioned killer. The man is a killer. He is a convicted killer in one of the more well known Hollywood murders ever. Apparently the judge was an old family friend so our killer basically got away with murder and barely served any time at all. When he did get out, there was this permanent A list celebrity who made the life of the killer miserable. No matter how many times he changed his name or where he lived, the celebrity would find him and get him fired. The problem is that our celebrity died a couple of decades ago and our killer made one last name change and one last move. No one was there to warn off his employer. No one has been there to stop him from taking advantage of the place he works. For almost twenty years he has been lining his pockets off the wealth of others when he should still be in jail for the murder. John Thomas Sweeney (Dominick Dunne’s daughter Dominique Dunne) (changed his name to John Patrick Maura)


Back in the day, this actor was headed up the ladder. Landed a great role on the NBC mini-series/movie of the year which everyone watched. The murder of a co-star really affected him though and he started wandering from guest spot to guest spot until he gave it all up to become a call center supervisor. David Packer/"V"/Dominique Dunne



The "Poltergeist curse" derived from the deaths of four cast members in the six years between the releases of the first and third films. The rumor is often fueled by the fact that real skeletons were used as props in various scenes of Poltergeist and Poltergeist II: The Other Side. The rumor and the surrounding deaths were explored in a 2002 episode of E! True Hollywood Story titled "Curse of Poltergeist".

Will Sampson, 53 years old, who played Taylor the medicine man in Poltergeist II, died as a result of post-operative kidney failure and pre-operative malnutrition problems on June 3, 1987.