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"I see visions - of you in prison." - What episode? Exact quote?

I seem to remember a chilling episode as a kid where the villain was always ominously saying "I see visions". He'd tell Houston - "I see visions - of your girlfriend dead." "I see visions - of you dead." etc. and in the end when Houston and the cops finally capture and arrest him, Houston looks at him and mockingly says - "I see visions - of you in prison." And that ends the episode. Part of me thinks this was the "Get Houston" episode with Chuck Connors and Chuck's character was the one who always said it but I'm not sure as I think he was killed in the end? I haven't seen this show since the original airing in the 1980s!!!!!!! Now I might be confusing this with another TV show from the 70s or 80s - Columbo? Magnum PI? But i seem to recall it was from Matt Houston.

Does anyone remember this line from any TV show? What episode? Who was the villain? What are the exact quotes?