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welcome to good burger will only make a billion... can his 3 supporters accept he stole classified government documents Joker 2: Take a Deuce what the heck is this? Supreme Court will reinstate Trump as President will be a huge flop President Donald J Trump chatbots on MovieChat? I think most left-wingers here are fake chat-bots. going to be terrible View all posts >


stay strong Mr Trump...its just a witch hunt Trump is extremely healthy, he just gave a 2 hour speech in 87 degree weather, meanwhile Joe said he likes chocolate chip ice cream. at 80, Joe is at his peak physically. in sports most athletes peak around 80 which is why NFL only drafts players over 80. more than likely he uses a golf cart. at least he is outside doing something, most people over 70 just sit inside. "In November of 2022, you led the charge to reform D.C.'s crime laws," Boebert said. "And these charges, these changes, are now law here in D.C., correct?" Joe Biden ‘top ten’ gaffes and bloopers from 2022 and to think, you voted for this idiot. AOC is a moron too. she said that farting cows are causing climate change. Nancy is also a moron. she said that Trump is responsible for climate change in California Joe is a moron too. he said he has been in the senate for 180 years. no joke its healthier than just sitting in a chair all day. I would say Trump is healthier than Biden thats for sure. he cant even walk up stairs. its real, 4chan is spreading fake news. no surprise you like 4chan, most incels do. A transgender activist group is scheduled to hold a "Trans Day of Vengeance" outside the Supreme Court on Saturday, just days after a transgender individual opened fire on a Christian school, leaving three kids and three adults dead. "The Time is Now. The Trans/Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming/Intersex communities are facing astronomical amounts of hate from the world," the Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN) states on its website in its promotion of "#TransDay of Vengeance." we need Mueller to investigate just in case. election was rigged with mules and fake electors. View all replies >