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pot has gone mainstream... looks like a homeless trans where is the evidence? Bunker Biden Struggles to Use a Cell Phone Million MAGA March Remember when the media told Gore to concede? Voter Fraud Red Flags Biden falsely claims he is President. 4 DEM Senators implicated in 'stock dumping scandal' after receiving briefings on the coronavirus crisis more mad max View all posts >


great post, sadly the democrat sheep are too blind to see whats going on or they dont really care...they echo whatever big tech and the media say...the censorship of republicans grows everyday... Major LolZ... more than likely... joe looks as spry as he was in 1960... wheres the evidence that dementia joe didnt cheat and steal the election? i liked 2, it was a fun adventure, 3 was just weird, 4 was not too bad, loved blackbeard, 5 was meh and prob shouldnt have been made... internet.... both are Christmas movies, OMG! he did it! gross! if republicans voted in person and democrats voted by mail, and if trump slowed down the mail then how did all the democrat ballots make it to the polling station to be counted? dems said that trump was going to cheat to win and biden said he would lose by voter fraud, you cant claim cheating and then when you win say there was no cheating. even all the democrat cities boarded up their windows and doors because they were expecting mass carnage and looting. even hillary told biden not to concede because this election was rigged. dems are now saying this is most honest election in 300 years, even when they claimed trump cheated to win in 2016. oh the hypocrisy and irony! View all replies >