Questions about the book

I think I read this book when I was a kid. I remember it was about a girl who was supposedly orphaned and had to live with her aunt/uncle/cousin(s). The orphan cousin was an impostor who was a witch.

In the book I read, there was something about the real Julia's mother being an artist who always hand-drew their family's Christmas card. The last card the aunt made had a tree with an angel.

And there was something about a yellow dress that Julia wore, but it was unflattering on her. At the end, after all was said and done, Rachel took a closer look at her aunt's last Christmas card. The angel on the card was very beautiful and she wore the yellow dress. Rachel figured the real Julia was the model for the card.

There was also something about the uncle being hospitalized and Julia trying to put a spell on him by walking around his hospital bed in circles. Rachel kept making it impossible for Julia to do this.

Is this the same book? (I used Rachel and Julie's names here, but I don't remember if those were the girls' names in the book)


Yes, same book. I have a question, too. The story goes that 'Julia' stayed home while her parents drove 'Sarah' to the village. In reality, of course, Julia was in the car with her parents and Sarah was at the house, knowing the wreck would happen because she caused it.

The wreck was discovered by some fishermen. They contacted the sheriff who took 'Julia' to identify the car, then drove her home to fetch Rachel's family phone number and call them from the village, leaving 'Julia' at the house. He wanted some villagers to come stay with her but 'Julia' refused to see anybody.

Obviously, 'Julia' was afraid the villagers would know she was actually Sarah. So why didn't the sheriff know she was actually Sarah?