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Good adventure. Adults only for the extended version.

Grew up with this film, but it was edited down quite badly at my local video store. I like the plot- the journey to reach Rah Rah Ming mountain, the lush jungle settings and the animals in the film. If you like a very lurid jungle adventure, and can handle the gratuitous violence, cannibalism, sex (especially in the extended cut), or animal slaughter, this one is for you. Epical in a way, with a twist at the end. The most complete version of this is from Blue Underground DVD in an extended cut with footage restored from the personal archives of Sergio Martino. It does however need a blu ray release! Music is fantastic too. A classic but not for all tastes.

"That's it. It bit into his arm-pit. Like It wanted to eat him, man. Like It wanted to eat his heart."


out of on blu-ray from Code Red