What's up with the subtitles?

The subtitles are pretty funny in this movie. In a lot of movies and TV shows, the subtitles might be a little different from what's being said by the actors, but in this movie, the differences are strange and sometimes funny. I can understand that someone might not know what a CP is. The subtitles said "CT." That's a simple enough mistake to make, but it's funny when someone says "go*k" (rhymes with "duke," imdb replaces that word with "beep") the word on the screen is "goop."

A few more that were odd/funny:

An actor says "NVA." The screen says "MVA." Motor Vehicle Accidents? Market Value Added?

An actor says, "officers and staff NCOs." The screen says "officers, staff, and NCO's." I can understand not knowing what a staff NCO is, but can you really mis-hear the order of the words?

An actor says "sh*t-eating platoon." The screen says "sh*tty platoon."

An actor says "I Corps soccer championship." The screen says "hardcore soccer championship."