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Something that bugs me about the Jason O'Day character

Watched this with my kids not too long ago, first time I've watched it since I was a kid.

One thing I noticed is that Jason O'Day has absolutely no reaction of surprise or astonishment when he sees the kids use their powers. He loses his keys and Tia says "The car will start now" and the engine starts, without any keys. He just gives her a look like "don't be a smart-alec, kid."

A short time later they are pulled over by the motorcycle cop, and Tony uses his magic to start the motorcycle and send it over a cliff. Again, no reaction, he just drives away like it was nothing.

You'd think he'd be like "holy crap, what kind of witchcraft is this?!?! You must be demon children!!


True dat bro, but it's just a disney family movie, so no need to overcomplicate things, it's all about "magic powers" & keeping the movie short, so kids don't get bored :) It was a success for the comapny, so they did something right.

I rated personally 6/10, wanted to watch it for years, but never had time, now i did finally and the movie was pretty okay ;)


^ Right. I just watched it for the first time. I always wanted to see the film when I was a kid. I remember them showing scenes to it on The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights. I really don't know why my parents never took me to see it. As an adult in his mid-forties, I thought the movie was cute. Typical Disney fare for the era, but not badly done. I enjoyed Eddie Albert in his role as the gruff but kind at heart hero. I would have absolutely loved this as a kid. I truly regret not getting to see it back in the day.

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I agree. The kids at the orphanage are stunned to see the glove and bat fly up on their own. At first I wonder why they wouldn’t go tell someone but who would believe them. But the adults? I think they’d be a little frightened. Kinda reminds me some of Firestarter