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I had a teacher who was like this The Price Of Glee (Spoiler) Read the book to know the whole story True story All S’s on report card Opening scene is frightening The needles! It’s good but the age makes it seem very difference is far fetched The four daughters The real story View all posts >


I think maybe due to the time period. Paternity tests are not that common. Hoarding runs in my family and my husband’s family. I definitely see hoarding as a mental health issue like depression. It can’t be cured but it can be managed. Therapy helps you gain skills to fight the urge to hoard. I often tell people to think of it as someone being an alcoholic. That’s wonderful. I just finished the series and I loved his character Yes!!! My middle school had one bathroom without stall doors. This was probably in 1989 it that makes a difference Kids whine. It’s expected Yes I found it difficult as something similar happened to me. Sadly I found the ending very realistic. I was stalked and raped for months by a pedo I met online at 17 in 1993. It took almost 10yrs before I had the courage to tell the police. Like the movie there were many other girls who had reported the same thing happened to them over the years in our area. I found out the name he gave me was fake too. He had told me online he was 19. According to the police they said he was at least 35-40! How he thought he could pass as a 19yr old is beyond me. As far as I know he was never arrested. The police had said if a fresh new case turns up that seems to be the same guy who hurt me I could testify at sentencing or something like that. It’s been so long some details are fuzzy. I’ve never gotten a call. Oh wow really? That’s exciting news Thank you for this. It was great. View all replies >