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I don’t find it crazy. When I was a young mom I actually knew a few women in their 40s hoping for a son to carry on their husbands name. One friend had 5 daughters and even said enough was enough. Lol Some families put a lot of importance in having a son especially in cultures outside of America. You also have to look at the time period. A son would inherit the family farm and home. He would continue to make grow and produce a good harvest. If you look at the Amish culture it’s the youngest son who gets the family home and the parents move into a side home like a small apartment. Many Amish homes are over 100yrs old and been passed down over those years. I would assume the same thing is true for this time period No way I often watch it. I own the whole collection but watching it on Peacock I always viewed him as a mentor kind of a teacher type but also a friend. As someone else said his home life in the 80s was considered dysfunctional. So Marty would likely reach out to a father figure type. That’s how I’ve always seen it I saw this in theaters. I was 10. I have no idea if it was crowded or not. My only memory of my thoughts on it was how at one point Michael J Fox resembled one of my uncles. Remember I was just 10 lol I agree. This is definitely based on the McMartin case Cinnamon was released a long time ago. I have a family member who gets disability as does her husband. They eat out almost every night. She claims it’s cheaper than buying groceries. I don’t get her “math” on that but that’s what she says. It’s odd. I come here for the purpose of reading real people’s review and thoughts on the movie or tv show. I could careless about paid reviewers. Thanks View all replies >