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She’s a natural beauty compared to many actresses today. It’s a top favorite of mine I moved a lot as a kid and in one high school we had tv production class along with other electives and basic classes. We had 8 classes in all each day He is wonderful in this. Yeah normally we use the free Redbox codes and don’t even pay. Lol But family visited for a game and movie night so we could justify paying. I don’t even pay $20 for a dvd lol Because when there are two people in a room and you turn your back, get punched then you assume it’s the other person. The cost of a group of friends to all go to the movies is at least $20. We rented it for $20 and 5 of us watched it. That’s $4 a person. Cheaper than the theater. I had friends when I was a kid & teen who called their mom by their first name. I thought it was cool but one friend wished she could call her mom, mom. When I asked why they called their mom by her first name I was always told it was what their mom wished. Kinda like how The Jackson kids all called their dad Joseph never dad or father. He was just always Joseph. I've wondered that too and in today's world, I doubt their pictures would have been seen in class without the teacher previewing them first. When I was in high school I took tv production and we had to make mini-movies on any subject we could think of then put into teams. The prize was to show it to the whole school and also some kind of award. The guys in my group wanted to do a 1920s gangster robbery. We made fake guns and put a lot of work into it. We were sure we'd win first prize. But, after we turned it in we were called to the office and pretty much asked why were wen into such violence and asked if we were depressed lol I found the whole thing funny and still do, but it wasn't shown because according to them anyone who made something like that had something wrong with them. I wish I still had my copy of it but the VHS tape is long gone. This was around 1992 or 93. Yes. It's one of my favorite family movies of all time. I couldn't wait for my kids to get old enough to enjoy it. They love it as much as I do. View all replies >