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My husband enjoys the show as much as I do. I’m in a Facebook group for this show and there are plenty of men in it as are women I hear you. I have a child who has special medical needs. You would be shocked at how expensive that can be. Even with insurance. She requires a feeding tube & special formula and it took over 6mts to get it. We were paying a few hundred dollars for it. When the supply company messes up with is most of them time we have to find the special tubes we need and so on. So we have to get it from other suppliers who charge tons of money because they know that we need it You are wrong. It’s just the opposite “The charges resulted after a five-year investigation revealed that the Indiana couple, who adopted Natalia as a 6-year-old in 2010, had moved her into an apartment in July 2013 — and then moved to Canada with their three other children.” - Orphan came out in 2009. So the court ordered aging her up would have been around 2012-13. The parents stole the idea from the movie Orphan Watch the second season Yes. This broke my heart. He sounds beaten down. It’s mentioned in season 2 that the wife lied in his school records. She probably groomed him to sound smart so she’d look good. She wrote a book about him and yet he saw none of the money. Uncle Frank. He was an adult and should know not to treat kids the way he treated Kevin. Plus he was a very selfish man I’ve wondered this too Yes! I have it on DVD and love it. I watch it every year and listen to the soundtrack often I think they are a lot of parents like this. They push their likes and wants on their kids. I had a friend in high school who had a dad who said he’d only pay for college if his son studied business. My friend wanted to work behind the scenes in tv and movies. My grandma was a lot like her. View all replies >