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After 40yrs I still dont know the point of what they were doing lol

When I was a kid, I thought they were going to the island to make a movie.

Now that I'm watching it, they are just a bunch of actors who went to a cemetery... have no intention on filming there. and the group was not full of willing participants, just manipulated by the boss to go. I would be soooo freaking mad at Alan and kill him myself for getting me into that mess! lol



Alan set-up his underlings in the troupe for a big scare with his buds, Roy and Emerson, dressed up as zombies in the graveyard. He seemed pretty twisted, even cracked, and also wanted to try his hand at raising the dead using a spell from the grimoire. Other than that, it was a bonding experience for the troupe to stay overnight on the spooky island with an infamous history as a cemetery for deranged criminals.