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Hey you know that inverted Merlin fuel starvation...

.. that whole 'Negative G's makes the Merlin engine cut out which is why we roll on our backs before diving' thing?

Is it just me or does this happen... five seconds into the movie?

You know that Hurricane over France that does a roll to 'buck up the troops'- I swear it looks like the pilot holds it inverted for a tad too long and the engine coughs and spits out a cloud of smoke.

Surely I'm not the only one who's seen it and thought this?


Yes, I've noticed that since I first saw the film in '69. The engine definitely falters a bit when the plane is inverted. Probably one of the reasons the squadron leader (Plummer) reads the pilot once he's landed.


And a sign of a bad pilot- a roll is a positive-G maneuver when done correctly.