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Just about everybody but Lee was a FOOL in this film. (Spoilers!)

Well not everybody but lets look at some of the less-than-intelligent actions in this film.

Sasha: She sees the Gorgon and quickly looks away in time as you can see she didn't turn to stone. Only to TURN AROUND for a second look!! Brilliant!

Dr. Namaroff: At the climax he sees Megara at the top of the stairs so he picks up the sword and covers his eyes and heads up the stairs to run her thru. But then decides to take a look!!

The Inspector: If he really wanted to get to the bottom of it all he would have co-operated with Prof. Meister instead of butting heads with him.

Paul: When Carla asked him to take her away from Vandorf and thusly away from Magara's spirit using her as a 'host', Paul refuses. But after Meister insinuates that she might be the 'host' he refuses to accept it out of blind love but nevertheless he sends her away (too late).
Mind you what good would it do to take Carla away when she'd turn into the Gorgon anyways no matter where she went? Unless Megara's spirit actually resided in the castle and summoned someone to her to be her temporary vessel and Carla was the unlucky one who got too close to the castle one night and got 'hooked'.

Lastly Paul saw the Gorgon's reflection in pond earlier on and ran from it only to come face-to-face with her. But he only got grey hair for the ordeal. Obviously because he only saw her in shadows he didn't get the full affect.

But then in the climax he sees her in the mirror, knows what she's capable of and instead of making a run for it...TURNS AROUND and looks RIGHT AT HER!

Mind you, it looks like she was using some kind of telepathic mind control to make him do it. Perhaps just like what she used on his father Prof. Heitz.


I think a lot of them just felt so tempted to look they couldn't stop themselves. And for Sascha, I thought she saw her boyfriend, then turned back and it was the Gorgon. I never understood why he was dead anyway. The Inspector was under pressure from Namaroff really. But I agree with the Paul thing. He saw her hiding, but that somehow doesn't count? I liked most of the film though, and Christopher Lee was funny.

"Of course it's me, who were you expecting?"


All these crazy deaths people turning to stone and yet they blame the artist for his girl's murder. Yet no one has a problem with the stone factor.
BTW they could have cut this film by about 15 to 20 mins too much without the monster


Few people knew the stone factor. The bodies were likely kept from public view, and Cushing's character provided false causes of death from the "autopsies" he performed.


The artist was a scapegoat. The authorities and Dr. Namaroff knew perfectly well who the real killer was. That's why every time a stone corpse shows up they just brush it under the rug. Although they don't flesh out this part of the story, it seems that most of the time Namaroff is able to keep Carla contained, but every once in a while, she gets loose and kills someone. Thus the 'five murders in seven years' story line. For whatever reason, although they all know that Carla is the killer, they don't execute/eliminate her, so that these murders keep happening. Perhaps because technically she isn't the one doing it, it's the Gorgon, so maybe they don't hold her totally accountable? Not sure about that but it's the only plausible explanation I can think of.