Robert Aldrich

Joan Crawford, Cliff Roberston and Vera Miles are all superb in Robert Aldrich's Autumn Leves one of ALdrich's best efforts.

Robert Aldrich made us of fine players such as Joan Crawford, Lee Marvin, Bette Davis James Stewart, Olivia De Havilland, Cliff Robertson Oscar Winners All.

My favorite films of Aldrich are

Autumn Leaves
Dirty Dozen
Flight of The Phoenix
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte

Aldrich made so much money on Dirty Sozen he bought the Sutherland Studio in Los Angeles and re named it The Aldrich Studio and had a big celebration with the older silent stars that worked there.

Aldrich is also the man whom I feel wrecked Kim Novak's career with The Legend of Lylah Clare, a mess but nothing, but nothing was lower than The Choirboys with scenes that today even now I am astounded by the poor taste.


Aldrich's best film is Kiss Me, Deadly. The Killing of Sister George is also very good.