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Scene that Creeped Me Out [spoilers]

I just watched this today for the first time and the scene towards the end when Chris gets home and Kitty and Johnny's voices start whispering to him, driving him mad, genuinely creeped me out. I don't know why. I mean, I've seen tons of the worst horror movies you can imagine, and this scene in this little ol' film noir managed to have that effect on me. I'd say that's pretty impressive


The scene was excellently done not only through Edward G Robinson's performance but through the visuals. The dark lighting in the hotel room and the outside lighting which created Chris's shadow on the wall every few seconds created an errie atmosphere with expressionist tones. A stand out scene in my opinion.

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You're right.

I think a lot of it had to do with the whole story set-up, but the actual visual and audio effects in the scene were masterful.

IMHO, a lot had to do with the almost imperceptible sound level of the whispering where you had to really strain to hear what was being said, and then realizing the implications.

And oh yes, that constantly flashing of the neon hotel sign just gives it all an irritatingly, unstable, and unsettling overall atmosphere to it in the first place.

I think The Razzatron has it right, too.

It just shows you it doesn't take fancy CGI effects or other modern technology and tricks for truly effective story-telling and films.



The sound design is fantastic--particularly for the 40s. There's something a bit off about Bennett's and Duryea's voices, and that distortion makes them sound particularly creepy.


Agreed with all posts here. That scene really creeped me out!


There is a subliminal image in that scene that really adds to the creepiness factor of it. I like to think it is intentional - pretty sure it isn't. About 1 hour 39 minutes into the move when Chris is walking down the street a broken man (just evicted from the park bench). A man passes him briskly and there is what I call a "ghost puff" of smoke that seems to pass Chris and rush ahead of him - just then is when he sees Kitty's portrait. To me, it was almost like her spirit dogging his every move but this time she wanted to rush ahead to see him face on approach her portrait. You have to have a good quality screen and a good quality copy of the movie to see it.