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YES! Makes me cry every time. It is indeed beautifully written and acted and directed too. You do realize she has RA - don't you? The disease is bad enough but the steroid treatment causes weight gain. Just like the old HIV drugs once caused the "buffalo hump" Lipodystrophy - sometimes the treatment for a disease has major side effects. But then I see how aptly named you are and I get why you would say such a thing. I'm sensing a relapse for Christy. Don't know why either. Did I miss something? Why would they simply not torch the house they were trying to get into and bake the people inside? I have to admit I didn't do a full on sit-down undivided attention watch of the movie so I may have missed the rational. All I saw was all crime is legal. ... or could be Earth finally dies and Earth's refugees flood Pandora as illegal aliens who just want to live there after they terraform the planet ... The best joke in the movie was the line that follows the "Whatcha gonna do with all that junk?" - when the producer says it "dated". She's the producer of a 60's kid show and she's calling Black Eyed Peas "dated". I would wager most people watching this movie have no clue this was really a kids show in the 60's. Yes, it is silly. But it is also very offensive for a woman (or man for that matter) to be judged on nothing more except how do-able she/he is (or isn't). The bong dude went from the range of 12 year old in the throws of raging hormones of puberty and Benjamin Buttoned his dialogue down to that of a petulant 5 year old. Ah yes, personal attack, the last bastion of those without ground on which to stand. I'm sure Michelle has cleared her calendar just for you. Pity you can take such a wickedly delicious story line and reduce it down into an episode of Hot or Not. As Lex Luthor would say you're one of those people who could read War and Peace and think it is only an adventure novel. So? View all replies >