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Remember When Tom Green Convinced Everyone Drew Barrymore Had Left Him at the Altar?

In November of 2000, Green hosted Saturday Night Live, where he pulled off a prank so convincing that outlets wrote it as straight news. During his monologue he asked Barrymore to marry him at the end of the show. But once the show reached its conclusion, Barrymore appeared to have left him at the altar. It was reported that the Never Been Kissed star decided last-minute that it would be “inappropriate” to tie the knot on TV.

Nearly two decades later, Green told The Daily Beast that he regretted the prank. “The thing I regret about that bit to this day, which I’m actually sad about, to be honest with you, is that the way we wrote the bit, we kept teasing that we were going to get married at the end of the show—she’s out in the hallway in her wedding dress, my parents are there in the audience. And then at the end of the show, she doesn’t show up. And the end of my SNL I have a meltdown on stage. And it’s a complete meltdown and the band stops playing and the entire cast disappears and I’m just standing alone on stage at the very end of the show.” And though, yes, he agreed the prank was “pretty awesome,” there was one problem: “It does sort of ruin my beautiful Saturday Night Live kumbaya moment.” Instead of celebrating with the cast in the episode’s final moments, Green was “screaming ‘I thought you loved me!’ on stage by himself.”

This wasn’t the last time Green’s sense of humor would confuse the media, however. The following spring, Green appeared on The Tonight Show and told host Jay Leno that Barrymore was pregnant. He later walked the comment back in a statement, explaining, “People always think I’m kidding about stuff. Jay and I were joking around, and I thought the audience was in on it. We are not pregnant now, but do hope to be blessed with children in the future.”


I always thought it was a sketch, his acting was super fake and over the top.