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He's a great actor and a great American.

Just like Meryl Streep and DeNiro. After all, it was actors, writers and artists that were at the forefront of drawing attention to that big Nazi, McCarthy.

The next four years are going to be comedy gold as we watch a moron with a five word vocabulary steal anything that's not nailed down.

Sad. Bad. Mad. Mean. Unfair. Oh, bigly, that's the other word trump has in his vocabulary. Good thing we have intellects and comedians to get us through the nightmare.


Cranston is another liar crybaby that wants to make this country weak. The sooner he moves to Canada the better.

Liberals must be laughing it up as Trump keeps his campaign promises with his approval ratings skyrocketing. The left must really be laughing that the DOW Jones is hitting record highs under YOUR President Trump's leadership. You know, working rather than playing golf.

It must really make you laugh seeing Democrats at their weakest in 100 years with little hope of that changing anytime soon as generation Z, who heavily lean republican, come to voting age in 2020. Oh, but Trump is stupid, Putin's stooge, can guys can keep pushing those go-nowhere narratives. Anyway, you're probably a CTR shill so go collect your paycheck from David Brock.