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Arthur Q. Bryan (Elmer Fudd) sings "The Golfer's Lament."

Elmer's voice is the actor's! I thought it was a joke voice.

Arthur Q. Bryan had a long career creating and voicing the part of Elmer Fudd in the Warner Brothers cartoons, but he also appeared in movies, radio shows and on T.V. Here's a chance to see him the the flesh (which is plentiful) singing "The Golfer's Lament." I originally thought this little film was produced by the Soundies Corporation for use in their Panoram visual jukeboxes, but I could not find any listing or mention of this title when I went searching. Ted Okuda writes: "The Golfer's Lament" was one of the shorts produced by the short-lived Vis-o-graph Corporation of America, a firm that tried to establish themselves at the same time as Soundies.