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Read his quotes on IMDb, kind of amusing

Hayden was candid and blunt about himself and his feelings about acting, I think refreshingly and amusingly so. Here's just a couple choice remarks:

[on his films] Bastards, most of them, conceived in contempt of life and spewn out onto screens across the world with noxious ballyhoo; saying nothing, contemptuous of the truth, sullen, and lecherous.

If I had the dough I'd buy up the negative of every film I ever made . . . and start one hell of a fire.

He seems like quite a character, stubborn with his own personal ethos but without having much of a plan of how to live with it. A real rebel without a cause, but he sure seemed candid and honest in his dislike for the movie business.
One thing he lived for was freedom found in sailing. For adventure, and sometimes to avoid taxes, but that seems to have been what brought him the most satisfaction. Just a funny maverick, and I guess a big, handsome fellow but I don't think he cared one bit for that gift.
So if anyone is intrigued by this unusual personality, look into his biography. He just seems like a funny guy to learn a little about.
And I like when he shows up on screen, with small but important parts in The Godfather and Dr. Strangelove, and star turns in Johnny Guitar and The Killing. He's just a little different.