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Black Lives Matter. But do they? " ... I like glue -- 'sniifff' ..... SARCASM ALERT !! Why not cover your bases? Give a little to one side, give a little to the other. Hope and use either. Sounds like going from an Irish-Catholic lawyer to a Jewish one is a step toward the dark side. What other conclusion can we make? I'm not being subtle (and it's not "subtile", Troll!). I think fox viewers are extremists, alt-right Nazis. Not a question. That's my take. alt-right jerks and fox followers are awful, nasty germs on the face of a rather once wonderful Nation. America was great when it wasn't presided by some dumb-ass Republican who was filling the coffers of his Capitalist buddies with empty lies and crappy tax cuts that only helped the rich. I don't want jerks like you to answer. I want compassionate, loving people to respond and tell me we still have hope for humanity -- not fox trumpers seething out their butt-holes they don't get the respect they never show any one else. I enjoy referencing Stepford when I want to call out conformity, but maybe I'm missing what you are trying to say here. Seems like people can have contrary opinions if they go about it in a constructive manner. I don't like when people are rude, that's for sure. Instead of going the passive aggressive route of of mocking the Stepfordness of it all, make your point plain, or come up with a creative alternative. Sometimes I want to introduce some random thought as a topic for GD, but don't get around to it before it's forgotten. I Love You A bushel and a peck A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck A hug around the neck and a barrel in a peep A barrel in a peep and I'm talking in my sleep about You ! So great of you to bring up William Wordsworth. I'm not the best at Poetry, but I like when people bring up stuff and explain it. I love all this Old Stuff, Keats, Tennyson, etc. Bravo !! i recently had a rambling convo w/ a young gal and asked if she knew who Dylan Thomas was. She didn't, and her bf's name is Lenny, so I thought about Lenny Bruce. He said usually people ask him about Lenny Kravitz, but he liked Bruce. Reminded me of an old Simon and Garfunkel song, that goes -- "I learned the Truth from Lenny Bruce ...(then later) (a different guy) doesn't dig Poetry, he's so un-hip When you say Dylan, he thinks you're talking about Dylan Thomas Whoever he was. The man ain't got no Culture." Brilliant comment. I applaud your ... ability to say something so breath-takingly dumb, that you probably believe it. Carry on, wayward son. Freedom isn't Free, keep on keeping on oh wise one. Wow. You have swallowed the Radical Repub ageneda hook-line-and-sinker. Yes, there are bad actors on the the Lib side who do stupid things, but they aren't sanctioned by the group as a whole. But the Repub side has an entire Evil Agenda, trying to discredit good Americans who want Gun Control, access to abortion, parity among social classes. Who are these "hundreds of thousand violent extremists on the left"? Are they the hundreds of thousand FOX viewers who get all excited and agitated by inflammatory commenters? Like Obama said recently, you are just making stuff up out of the thin blue air. You should get a paper bag and breathe in-and-out, try to clam down. View all replies >