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Trending Unreal...

So I kept seeing this Asia Argento lady trending her and didnt even care to notice. I knew she is famous for some foreign work.

Just accidently saw the news about it her and had to read it all.

Okay for starters I'm glad we finally got a woman doing a guy. Cuz we always get the guy doing it and women never get blamed for bullshit. Hell the courts and police are full of corruption heavily edged against the men in every case which is total bullshit. Cutting the men by the balls. Like child support and alimony. What kind of shit is that?

So in this strange case this not so ugly lady rapes a 17 year old if you can call it that. Terrible premise which she denied till the evidence came smashing in on her. Now I think she should face charges cause she lied to millions and played the victim especially in the me too case when she was a perpetrator the whole time. This has go to fall on her double and yes Harvey was probably an asshole but in this corrupt buisness he certainly aint the only one and he surely had to get approval by his peers to condone such behavior. Now I know because both are empowered neither will get treated like a common citizen which is a sin in itself.


She is a rapist and deserves to be executed.


I don't see a silver lining on her sunrise.