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People even in here sometimes confuse "acceptable" with simply some or other folks...

... often WRONGLY and for very selfish and illegitimate reasons, thinking certain things, because it is mentally convenient for them.

And with regards to legal establishments, it is because in reality it is often DIFFICULT to prosecute some matters and deal with them LEGALLY. The vigilante mob justice say beating someone up because of a rumour about something is also altogether an entirely DIFFERENT matter.

Also, going as far as to KILL and murder someone, even in jail if they did something heinous in their minds, goes a little or even a lot FURTHER than some people simply finding something "unacceptable".

I don't consider it acceptable to beat others and steal their stuff either but you don't see me chasing them with a shotgun or something, and not JUST because I know there will be consequences including legal ones.

That's right folks. There are even matters out there that are NOT illegal but are STILL "unacceptable" as in if you disobey rules, you may get fines, sanctions, tellings off etc etc etc.

So I don't buy some arguments as seen as "Oh, before for that they will kill you in prison, because in their view it is UNACCEPTABLE". As in - simply that and nothing more, though in regards to some matters, people take it PERSONALLY sometimes or at least some of them in a SOULFUL MANNER and have also a criminal and a locked up mentality and opportunity for that. Their ways of thinking may indeed differ from OUR ones. I wonder if people realize THAT.

Also, if certain societies have some obviously WRONG and UNFAIR thoughts, it is basically simply certain societies being in the wrong and at fault here. But what about some or other societies having RIGHT ones? Why not SEPARATE the two entities, or is it not overall so black and white simple here?

P.S. What if we simply learned to simply see them as wrong and not question "Is it acceptable?" even rhetorically as well as separate some groups and others? Or is life not that simple? Thanks.


Yeah, in this modern day and age, it seems like almost everyone who has EVER lived does simply NOT see our world through simple "good versus evil", "good guys versus bad guys" and "heroes and villains" lenses and spectacles. And loses not a BIT of sleep or conscience over it.

Also, it doesn't make people wonder about other sides too. And if OTHERS do, they will CORRECT them and tell them they are wrong. Also - even IF we don't say certain people who are guilty of certain offenses should be killed or suffer some or other fates, as normal and civilized people mind you, we STILL demonstrate various forms of anger at them and tell them that they are terrible and wrong for doing what they did, even if not men as offenders, to give one example, for a myriad of obvious and not so obvious reasons. But maybe in reality it really is on some level more complex but on the other similarly or samely bad/dangerous/hurtful etc too. Not judging, just EXPLORING, seriously.

Also, online and in articles here or there, writers often say not ONE BIT of ANY sentence or opinion about people say angry at justifiable manner at certain offenders calling them "shit". They don't ever write - Yeah, those bastards deserve such insults or even we can understand those people, but let's not encourage such name calling even here. OR those who wish death and torture etc on them, like for men to have certain organs removed with no anaesthetic whilst others in the background talk about ill societies, bad cultures etc. Like, should we pay those folks any attention or even disagree? And that includes for OUR benefits? Also, if its not just men who do those things, what to think HERE - BEYOND political correctness too? Oh wait, we ALL know the differences here, right? And again, NO loss of sleep or conscience? No desire to understand the world better, make it a better place? No talks of - let's avoid mentioning that substance too. But maybe still talks of DISTURBING stuff?

Oh well. :)


OK, I guess few if almost none of us in here have anything to add? Yes, we don't all look at the world in simple black and white terms. Yes one could say that good and evil, as well as intelligence and ignorance, are often two sides of the same coin, as much as some may deny it or not give it any importance. Yes, writers often in books and online articles don't reference the abuse hurled at by some upset social justice warriors at certain folks who may deserve it. And that none of this surprises anyone anymore.

And yes we humans do use same or similar words for other matters but often use similar terms to discuss legal success and failure in such matters and sometimes we do place say what might happen in prison to what does or doesn't happen on the outside, and what this tells about how some folks find certain things "unacceptable" rather than just referring to it as prison mentality etc happening, and we may not ALWAYS simply SPELL THINGS OUT in here.

And that's just the way it is and what other folks may have told us and how this say affected our conscience plays little role or importance here, what matters is the reality of it all and that is just how it is.