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Did Kris Kristofferson's character know and UNDERSTAND that Porter (Mel Gibson) ONLY wanted 70,000 dollars? Was Jack possessed by The Hotel's ghostly supernatural evil? Or did he become insane? In life, I am often both serious and NOT serious, it might not make perfect sense but that's how I am mostly. Do you think human beings will ever stop conflicting with each other big or small scale? What is the point of that "Bah Bah Black Sheep have you any wool?" popular classic folk song? Ken Park (2002). What do you think is the ultimate point of this movie as well as its message? How good is this movie? And also... So SPOILERS ALERT - Christopher Ecclestone's character basically... SPOILER - given how we discovered that... View all posts >


Sorry, I meant, not 130,000 rather than "2 million", it was in a way a Freudian or a slip of the tongue. :) But even during that torture scene, Kris Kristofferson's "Bronson" character still brought $130,000 even though he REPEATEDLY claimed and at least once said to HIM its only [b]$70,000[/b]. You take yourself way too seriously whilst still unable to escape moments of silliness judging by a lot of your "makes no sense" posts and this isn't an attack or criticism just how I see it. Makes sense, lol. :) A Clockwork Orange (1971). "We all have our issues." Small, medium and large - strangely enough, in my life and especially in last 10 years, I've had all three. "Discarding their own humanity" - YEAH RIGHT. :) (Sigh, face palm.) "Also, making yourself 'THE' anything only screams of your inability to withstand your own smallness, and calling yourself 'the man' just makes me shake my head, as it only conjures up imagery of a kid pounding his chest trying to appear 'manly' so he would seem valuable in some way, discarding their own humanity in the process." You're thinking WAY too much here and reading WAY too much into what's below the surface when there's nothing really there. Yeah, maybe, still need to catch up with classic stuff here and there. I come from Russia but live in UK by the way and I am not at all American, and I couldn't think much in terms of what username to pick but it doesn't have any larger meaning to it or a desire to come across as this and that, more than what I really am,. And I am not attacking you in any sense either. Or trying, to quote - "vomit illogical verbal waste into my face" (is everything YOU say entirely logical or you THINK it is)? And with regards to "2" instead of "to" - its just a fun internet type of you know communication and I've seen it plenty of times before, no need to get too uptight. "I also rather talk about the movies in these boards that are created for the reason of, you know, talking about MOVIES, and not debate personal stuff" - fine to each their own, alright. But I see you kind of want a break from me? Your wish is my command and I had a history of such, you know... Internet inappropriate behaviour haha. UK, London. Yeah alright whatever you say boss. View all replies >