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The Lifeguard (2013). 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002). Minor joke question - would this movie make a good double bill with... Disclosure, Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction. Is the main character here meant to be sympathetic? Did this movie also attempt to secretly ask the audience... Similarities to "Antichrist" (2009). Anybody saw this German movie? How would you rate this movie? Life doesn't always allow us to talk about things that bother us. View all posts >


Yeah, and I get carried away at times in the process too. I also inadvertently got affected by the fact that all of humanity is apparently caught up in various stereotypes and we have various rules etc, often revelations can be uncomfortable and a little mentally confusing and that in the process we including myself can get a little emotionally conflicted and carried away. Especially since in my time, a lot of that type of stuff was never even spoken to me about. And for long periods in life, I used to wear rose tingled spectacles. And look at how much controversies also exist in areas of sexuality here and there and even I sometimes struggle, beyond the basics of course, to make heads and tails with it all, including why it happens. Sometimes I just want to click fingers and put an end to it. But OK I get it it does take time and whatnot. Its just a fact of life folks. True. :) My name is Alex, Alexander actually, I am Russian too. :) "The film makes it worse by glossing over the reality and making it all ok at the end without her getting punished at all which is completely inaccurate to the real world where she would have been." Not saying I am OK or not OK with this, but just to inform you, in real life, including incidents like this, plenty of people get away with it legally. And films have shown plenty of people get away with various deeds that if caught in life they would get arrested, and besides, in life, often without proper testimony, having someone report someone etc, a trial and all, its often hard and even impossible to outright arrest someone and jail them. In addition to this, OK fair enough but I also wonder, you don't think a female character in a matter like this is "evil" for doing what she did, right, even if it may not be in the 100% right category either? 2 Zak redding, could it also be, in the OP's eyes, that there are actual differences for instance if a male were to do this or if a female would with a 16 year old? And if we take all factors into account, is it really THAT wrong as portrayed in this movie? I love it how as a man which you are, you don't think along the lines of - yeah, wish I had a woman like that as a 16 year old, and isn't when its 16+ especially a male and a female, not, err, "pedophilia" in any way? "It shows no matter what people try to portray outwardly, they have a deep disgust for Walter and pedophiles, and Walter knows this" About the last part - but in this film, Walter actually feels surprised and then incredibly upset after Sergeant Lucas leaves, almost as if he didn't know or expect that he would react this way. And he didn't act as if he knew it too well either and felt as if he stepped over the line. What exactly did the husband do in the film that was so wrong as to be classified as a "villain"? But the husband not exactly a villain though at all, he may not have been perfect. And what about his family, that man who visited?? P.S. To those of you who even REMOTELY want to state - "How dare I ask this?" or accuse me of trying to "insult" anyone etc, besides it being a film, please keep in mind that in reality, these types of questions and queries have been asked by us as individuals and collectively arguably for the time humanity was alive, and plus, the film, with how it showed it all and what it showed, sometimes made us simply think about it all in that sense and unlike life, film offers us to rate certain stuff we see on an artistic level too. The movie "Basic Instinct" (1992) albeit in slightly different ways, made audiences question such matters also. And even it had certain cinematic techniques as such including beautiful female villain tropes and whatnot although that was an undeniably superior movie to this one. And yeah perhaps, it does sort of appeal so certain groups of people more than others who may relate to it all in their own way. View all replies >