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I've seen some or even a lot of men make HUGE statements in those fields online, but instead of getting me to agree or disagree, it got me into a state of massive psychological confusion. And no one came to anything resembling a one correct CONCLUSION, HEY, that RHYMES. Does the existence of unattractive err let's say this for now to avoid any, err, you know, people bother you that much? Also, are you alright with the fact that we as civilized people judge less attractive people more than the more attractive ones, even if there is a double standard and no 100% justice here, is it still OK with yous, and mes? With regards to how we feel about some and other situations, our fears, our desires for justice, to clear up misunderstandings between people close to us, beauty and ugli... err, UNATTRACTIVENESS and the deeds done by those and other people, presence and absence of laws, however, if only in LIFE it was all that easy. P.S. I recently saw a Russian very popular talk show, in it, some man pressed charges against his wife for slapping him, and everyone in the audience thought his actions were despicable, but you don't know the whole story, he was in many ways a bad man himself. I must say, although in a serious woman type the character of Ilsa is attractive, knowing her tendency for violence, perversions and bloodshed against both women AND men, in either that time (the movie was set during the period of WW2, and I am sure everyone in here knows that we are talking about the 30s and 40s here), I wouldn't really want to have her as my wife or girlfriend, haha. Is it really bad food that is the cause of most of this? I've been having hemorrhoids quite literally for the past 5 years every summer, and I happen to use enema, suppositories and healing gels like Anusol and Preparation H and it still doesn't help, I wonder what caused it all and why it happens literally in hot summer more than any other season, and here in UK it IS quite hot, temperature is reaching at least 30 degrees Celsius. Yeah, its a good song too, yes. Fair enough, what did you think of that song and the video behind it and its meaning? maybe not - etc, MEANING to it? I also find it interesting how online, very little is being said about that song and its video interpretation, seriously, in its own albeit more slick and less over the top sort of way, and more relaxed perhaps, it is almost as creepy and weird as the "Windowlicker" video for "Aphex Twin" song, but except on the internet, there's TONS of interpretations to the meaning of the video and the song, even if many fans and people in general just see Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin's main member Richard D. James messing about with minds of audiences, maybe Michael Hutchence of INXS and whoever shot the video for "Taste It" was doing the SAME thing albeit in a more slick and sort of condense able manner? I mean, if we were to compare the two videos back to back, both kinda deal with controversial and adult elements, but Windowlicker was like an attempt to parody and critique rap music videos, misogyny, and also question the elements of transgender, like, remember how those gorgeous women turned into the male Aphex Twin's lead member towards the end, maybe even question sexuality? In a perhaps less over the top manner, "Taste It" almost seems to question whether or not it is appropriate for kids to watch adult material, and also maybe play on the euphemism of the song's title, maybe it is meant to be sex*al in nature, maybe not, and also ask about male and female sexuality, and in the video, is it meant to ambiguously suggest that the girl in the video either sexually in some way violates Hutchence's character or does something bad with the scissors to him, or is just role play as such? OK, time has come, also, may I ask, has anyone heard, and, especially, SEEN THE VIDEO, for their 1992 song/single, featured on their solid 1992 album release "Welcome to Wherever You Are", called "Taste It", and what did you think of the song AND its video, link to video here (if you are faint hearted in any way, be prepared to watch it) - [url][/url] To those of you who have just heard the song AND watched the video, may I ask, what DID you think of it? Also, I am aware, from what I've read (its a good song by the way, on the album, the song "Wishing Well" is almost like a SEQUEL to that song as it ALSO features the words "taste it" in the lyrics) that the song was about its lead singer Michael Hutchence having lost his sense of taste after a minor car accident around that time, but do you think there is perhaps another meaning to the song, so what is it REALLY about? Also, the video, which I tell you, although slick, beautifully shot and attractive, is weird, chilling and even to an extent, albeit in a glossy way, CREEPY as hell, and I wonder if it is meant to directly relate to the song's message, and the video, for those of you who have just seen it, shows lead singer Michael Hutchence lying on the floor all tied up, while his band members watch, and there is this lady, who IS attractive mind you, imitating sex*al acts on him whilst cutting up his clothes with scissors, and all the while, it is being watched through the window by two little kids playing outside, I also wonder... besides what you think of it all, if in the video's storyline, it is implied that the lady and Michael Hutchence are playing some kind of weird S&M-like game consensually, or if she ACTUALLY intends for some or other reason to maliciously do something wrong to him, also, I kinda can't help but wonder, does the "Taste It" part of the song ONLY refers to Hutchence's lost sense of taste after the accident, or is there another, maybe sex*al, mayb View all replies >