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head shaved / cropped bald, with or without consent

Hi folks,
some time ago I saw a scene in a documentary which showed French women getting their hair cropped off with scissors, in the course of the "Epuration" (aftermath of the liberation from Nazi occupation, in 1944) -
and in the series "L'instit" (also from France) there's an episode where a young boy who has cancer gets a headshave by his father. Heartbreaking but at the same time interesting to watch...
Any movies with scenes with headshaves or cropping of hair - as a form of humiliation or punishment, or in the course of a torture scene, or with the consent of the person who gets bald (like the french boy actor above mentioned)?
One well known example of a character turning bald during a movie would, of course, be "Ripley" in the second "Alien" movie (or was it in the third?). But ONSCREEN is favoured, as against OFFSCREEN ;-)
Violent movies are full of things we would NEVER think a moment to inflict upon any other person, and still there's some fascination in it.


Ripley gets a shave in Alien 3.

The second poster covered what I was going to, VFV and FMJ.

Oh - offscreen, but Major Payne.

Possibly THX1138, offscreen.

Forrest Gump?


"Band of Brothers (2001)" shows a scene of female collaborators being shaven. a lot of military movies featuring basic training have similar scenes. "Tribes (1970)", "Full Metal Jacket (1987)", and "Stripes (1981)" come to mind; probably dozens of others.

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III (2015) I think it was on screen.
Martyrs (2008) off screen

Please, girl, your ears are all the virgin you got left.


Performance (1970)

a forced head-shaving that's like an amputation
from Guide for the Film Fanatic by Danny Peary

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Just found this by chance -
Our Mother's House (1967) - see post of April 1st, 2016, headline "Creepy"
(haven't watched this movie as yet; possibly buzz cut only, not bald)


More examples under

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