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Hey Paladin NJ, thanks for your post! I've been absent from MC for quite a while, and now it's a funny surprise that someone finally read (and even answered upon!) my silly question from 3 years ago :-) Do you have any favourite movies of this "genre" (old fashioned Animal Horror movies from late 1950 to, maybe, early 1980s)? Regards 123all4me Dear kspkap, thank you very much for your friendly, detailed post - very interesting! (I kept lots of stuff from my school days; in one of 2 or 3 big cardboard boxes in the attic or in the cellar, there must be some of my old English textbooks... but after all, I'm too lazy to put myself behind the exercises - I prefer "learning by doing" ;-) Maybe you wouldn't believe that I have more than 100 books in English (mostly about history); but WRITING your language correctly is much more difficult than just reading it. As to reading books in English, it also depends very much on the author's style... To explain what I mean, I'd like to mention two titles: a) Herbert Adams Gibbons - The New Map of Europe 1911-1914 (I think my copy was published 1915 or soon after): Easy reading, I think I had to consult my dictionary just 2 or 3 times b) William J Flynn - The Roosevelt Myth (1949, I think) ...brilliantly written study; I'm glad I found it - but the author used so many idiomatic expressions (okay, these two words I HAD to look up :-) and half-disclosed intimations about political and social affairs of the time that it is sometimes really not so easy to understand what he meant to say... Again, thank you for your post! Kind regards Andreas / 123all4me Hello kspkap, I think these funny little symbols - mostly in yellow - are called "emoticons" (or similar); but I'm not 100 p.ct. sure about that (my mother tongue isn't English...) I always liked to have these funny little things available. I don't need signature pictures, but the little pictures were a nice little dot of colour - and there were so many varieties! An "easier format to follow"? Oh yes, I would definitely welcome that. For example, in the "good old days of IMDB" there were three (or even four?) different ways how to display a thread: I remember that one form was called "nest", another (my favourite) was called "tree", etc. ...and it was a very good thing that every post had its exact date and time displayed. I'm glad that filmboards preserved to a certain extent the original "layout" of the IMDB boards, including the exact date and time. Would be a fine upgrade if the "tree structure" of threads become available again. (I remember some teachers kept telling us that we should never use "if" and "would" in the same phrase... But I just can't say it better... and I'm almost sure I have seen this error (if it is one) here in some threads, too. What I would like to know, is it wrong or just bad style? :-) Delete the first phrase of the preceding para. and read instead, "Were the 'tree structure' of threads available again, this would be a fine upgrade." - (Looks better to me. I hope it's correct now... ;-) Kind regards Andreas / 123all4me Hello, that's a good one (I remember it has been on TV here, loooong ago...) You are the first one who cared about any of my postings for almost 2 months - thank you very much ;-) ...feel free to browse my other questions & comments and maybe you can afford the time to answer to (*) some of these, too...! Kind regards Andreas / 123all4me (*) Just can't figure out what might be the correct preposition here... Is "to" correct, or would it rather have to be "upon"? Just guessing :-) Hi folks, just watched "Mutant" (1984, part of a multi-disc set by Mill Creek called Pure Terror) which isn't a really bad movie - I found it quite good, in fact; and here we have got a classic example of shamelessly capitalizing on a REALLY great movie's commercial success: Some (though not all) DVD editions and the original VHS cassette cover both had a creature on it which looks pretty much like the original "Alien" (although the movie hasn't anything to do with aliens of whatever shape and size). I really wonder how the company which made "Mutant" got away with it, instead of getting sued ;-) I know this is not exactly what the OP was searching for, but I found it still worth mentioning. Regards Andreas (123all4me) Hello, the truck driver was played by Stuart Culpepper. And I think the janitor at the school wasn't him but "Albert Hogue", played by Marc Clement (source: IMDB) It's fun to respond to these age-old postings... I wonder whether the OP will ever read it :-) Regards Andreas (123all4me) ...and it is also on a multi-disc set "Pure Terror" by Mill Creek :-) Greetings - Andreas (123all4me) Hi bozo_500, yes, Joey Cramer had really bad luck after his time as an actor... met the wrong people, got addicted to alcohol and drugs, came into trouble with law; in other words his whole life went downhill step by step. Really sad... (and though it was mostly his own fault, I think what made things worse was the circumstance that he had no one in his own family who could have supported and helped him before things got really bad...) I really hope the 2 years (less one day) prison time will have at least ONE good consequence, that is, I wish him that he may lead a normal life without further serious troubles, from now on. And he should stay away from ANY of these false "friends" which he must have had before 2016! (It might sound heartless but I think it was GOOD that he finally had to go to jail; otherwise he might have harmed still other people, not only those at the store at Sechelt; he might have continued to destroy himself with drugs and pills and alcohol; the end might have been a lonesome death in some shabby motel room... So, in a way, his prison term was his LAST chance.) As to your suggestion about the Room / Predator kid, you mean Jacob Tremblay, don't you? I must admit I haven't heard about him before :-) ...that is, 80 or 90 % of those movies in my collection which have "boy actors" were made before the year 2000; I prefer movies made from the early 1970s to the late 1980s / mid-1990s. With some exceptions, of course. Kind regards Andreas (123all4me) Hello Burk48917, nice idea - and whom would you cast for the main characters? Especially who would be the "Shawn Daley" of today? Just curious :-) Kind regards Andreas (123all4me) Thanks for quick reply! I really didn't know that he is already approaching his 90th! I thought he was born in the mid-1930s or so... I hope he hasn't too many of those health issues with which many octogenarians have to deal... May I ask you an off-topic question please? Some other poster mentioned that you're from Canada, and my question is about a movie which was made in your country, a long time ago (1988, I think). My problem is this: I have been searching for quite a long time for this one: The Kissing Place (very eerie psycho-drama-crime story). Nathaniel Moreau impressed me very much in this... Unfortionately I have it only on an old NTSC cassette which I can watch only in b/w; I also have got a b**tl*g on disc, but these cheaply made discs tend to crumble to pieces way too fast. It seems there wasn't any official release on DVD, so far. Do you know anything about that forgotten gem? Should it never have been published as a single disc, maybe it was part of a multi-disc set, together with other similar movies?* Considering the BIG number of posts which you made, I think you must have great expertise in anything related to movies :-D Kind regards Andreas (123all4me) *For example - I had been searching for another "lost treasure", "Zindy the Swamp Boy" for many years, and in the end I was lucky to find it on an Australian 4-movie package, made in region-free format, called "Family Movie 4-pack" or something like that :-) View all replies >