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Beer vs. flavored beer (question!)

This isn't going to be an interesting question. 

Which of these flavored beers, assuming they are regularly flavored, tastes most like regular, plain ol' beer?

1) Black Raspberry
2) Orange-Tangerine
3) Black Cherry (bourbon)
4) Blueberry & lavender
5) Ginger

Just base your answer on the information I gave. 

If two or more tie, you can name 'em all. 


Nothing on that list tastes like bud,miller,coors. But you do get those citrus flavors from plain pale ales. You also get those dark fruit flavors in plain Belgian style dubbels and quadrupels. Have you ever tasted a pale ale or dubbel?


Thanks.  So I'll just pick whichever of the citrusy ones based on nutrition (orange being best bet, I'm assuming). I'm in a weird situation and my hands are tied and I have to pick one to replace.

I'm only a sparse wine drinker. Last time I had wine was at a friend's birthday bash in April last year, lol.



"You have to live life to its full chorizo!"-Mario Batali🏄


Try Ginger and Blueberry..


I dunno.
Maybe I'm such a girl but I love apple beer.