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Is "Graveyard Shift" underrated?

When one thinks of 1990 horror, one thinks
of The First Power, Child's Play 2, Nightbreed (?).

One might even think of the Night of the Living
Dead remake, even though it was blah.

The one problem with
Stephen King's Graveyard Shift is it's lack of imaginative direction (and cheesiness).
But there's a certain charm to it.
Sure, it's tacky, but it's beautiful in it's tackiness.
My 2 cents.


I could easily get through "Night of the Living Dead," "Nightbreed," and other '90s horror, but I can't seem to get past the first half of "Graveyard Shift" before turning it off out of boredom. Same goes for "The Mangler." There's something about '90s Stephen King that is really bad.


Understood, but if you catch the second half, it's considerably better than the first. It probably would've been better without that brownish tint, however.