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Favorite "sore loser" movie moment? Movies that change each time? What over-hyped movies do you like? Anything rare about a film you recently saw? Has "a new classic" evolved? Do you like to taunt barking dogs? Do you use medium-power much? Anyone ever owned a vacuum cleaner? Fact of the day ***(Closed) Bakers Dozen: The Rotary Club *** View all posts >


On the internet, yes. I have to get back at local women slandering me somehow. 😆 I just finished "They don't cut the grass anymore". It's a unique experience. 6/10 I don't think I've ever seen an episode of that show, I would change the channel. But that theme song is a classic. I need to see that film. 👍 Fireproof (2008) is as life-changing as Christian films get. I had forgotten about Menace 2 Society. All 3 are good calls. Were you on IMDb, with the same username? I dig it. 👍 Every single plate, 100% meat. But I don't eat buffets anymore. A couple of years ago, I saw some guy serve himself on an already used plate. It was disgusting, he was old enough to know better (in his 50's). Well on the bright side, at least it didn't scratch his windpipe, which can happen when eating a Madagascar hissing roach. View all replies >