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Star Trek: First Frontier - new fan film by Kenny Smith

Smith started his fan film before the new guidelines, so it should be OK. It's a prequel to The Cage.

PS: Final episode of ST Continues: Still Treads the Shadow. On Youtube and Vimeo now.

Star Trek First Frontier Trailer (2017)
Three part interview with producer Kenny Smith: 1 2 3

It’s a fan film about the very first commander of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701, Captain Robert April, and his crew on their maiden voyage of exploration.

It’s a fan film that has custom-built sets in the finest traditions of fan series like Star Trek: New Voyages and Star Trek Continues.

Likewise, the costumes look amazing. They are very similar to Pike-era uniforms, and the attention to detail and continuity is wonderfully impressive.

It’s using actual Screen Actors Guild actors (not that fan films without professional actors can’t be exciting, too, mind you!).

It’s being self-funded by ONE GUY who decided that he wanted to build an actual 11-FOOT MODEL of the original USS Enterprise (like, from the first two Star Trek pilots…the one with the larger bridge deck and pointy needle/antenna thingies on the front of the nacelles) to film the visual effects the “old fashioned way.”