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My guideline of movie ratings on a scale of 1-10

Rating a movie on a scale of 1-10 shouldn't be a difficult task. Everyone can have their own standard because your given score is just your personal opinion, nothing more. Still, I like to strongly suggest a rule that everyone should follow: Do not rate a movie which you haven't watched or didn't finish. Here is how I rate a movie:
10 - Masterpiece: You love to watch it over and over again. The more you watch, the more you appreciate it.
9 - Excellent: You like to watch it again once in a while to remind yourself how excellent it is.
8 - Recommendable: You like it so much that you would recommend it to friends and family.
7 - Good: You think it is OK and won't mind watching it again if you have to.
6 - OK: You think it is OK but you don't want to watch it again because you already know the plot.
5 - Moderate: You can't decide whether you like it or not.
4 - Bad: You fell asleep now and then or kept pressing the skip button while watching it.
3 - Waste: You think it is a waste of your time and money.
2 - Garbage: You think it is a waste of everyone's time and money.
1 - The Winner: You consider it as one of the worst movies you've ever seen in your life.

Also, here are others' suggestion that I found online: